We’re already missing our beloved Flowers Issue (but never fear – click that link and you’ll be able to revisit all the incredible features during this month’s issue!), so to send it off with a flourish, some of our wonderful directory members have helped us put together “Fantastic Flower-Filled Weddings From The PDW Directory!” – showcasing stunning weddings with incredible floral elements. 

Leo Farrell

Hannah & Will

The couple went on a drive in the back of an old landrover driven by Hannah’s godfather out to a paddock on his property where flowers had randomly grown for the first time ever. Must have been seeded years earlier, and the conditions were finally right for them to grow. The landrover was a 1974 version, which was the year that Hannah’s godfather married his wife, and they also hosted the wedding at their property.

Images: Leo Farrell 


Ginger & Joel

Twas flowers for days at Ginger & Joel’s wedding – flowers on the bride & groom and their wedding party, flowers at the altar, flowery dresses, flowers on the roof, flower centerpieces, and even flowers on the cake. Truly, Ginger & Joel’s wedding just goes to show the power of the flower and how much of a difference it can make.

Eleanor & Andrew

Flowers. Flowers. Flowers. Flowers were present throughout the entirety of Eleanor & Andrew’s wedding, from the practical joke which kicked off the day, right through to the flowery reception cake which was cut late in the evening. Flowers clearly help bring a wedding day to life, and it certainly shows in Eleanor & Andrew’s wedding film.

Liz & Tyron

Can you have too many flowers? Get a load of Liz & Tyron! Even their beloved furbabies get in on the action, adorning flowers as they trot down the aisle, rings in tow. And once again, flowers make an appearance on the wedding cake. People, you can never have too many flowers!

Tamara & Mitchell

For all the future brides out there who have yet to decide on a wedding dress, perhaps Tamara can tempt you into getting something a little different – you guessed it, a flowery wedding dress (no not actual flowers, that would be uncomfortable one would think). Tamara wears her gorgeous flowery dress throughout their wedding ceremony, only to be covered in even more flowers as their guests hurl petals up into the air as she and her husband, Mitchell, make their newlyweds exit. Tamara switches things up at the reception by changing into a more traditional white dress for the rest of the evening. Both dresses are gorgeous of course, but seeing both on the same bride throughout the day gives future brides a bit of a taste. So do you wanna go white, or do you wanna go flowers?

Dani Bartlett

Alex & Mark

Bright florals that are also on a neutral colour palette and just match everything else in your wedding…yes, please! Neutral doesn’t always mean white so when I saw the florals for Alex & Mark’s wedding, I was so happy! Keeping those whites while also having the gorgeous browns & oranges was an absolute pleasure to photograph and to see colours put together so well! When choosing flowers & colours for your day can be quite overwhelming. There are just SO many options! But with the right florist – anything is possible!

Images: Dani Bartlett 

Society Photography

All the weddings below that we shot actually we had the opportunity to spend some time before the beginning of the reception capturing images of the room and set up; it’s not often a luxury we are granted on a wedding day, as quite often the guests have already gone inside the room before we have returned from our shoot with the couple so sometimes room shots are rushed. But for all of these amazing setups we were able to capture the full set up and they all looked incredible, and you guessed it – the flowers were lush & amazing!

Charlotte & Michael

It was like walking into a candy store filled with delicious sweet treats! A vibrant, colourful array of blooms!

Images: Society Photography / Florals by The Fabled Florette at Gunners Barracks in Mosman, Sydney

Nadine & Abbas

We were overwhelmed when we saw their reception room for their wedding. Everything was inspired by Positano Italy and they even had custom printed dance floor & custom printed walls –  the lemons were included as a symbol of fidelity in love. The room oozed sophistication and timeless elegance!

Images: Society Photography / Styled & Designed by Nadia Duran at Zest Waterfront Venues, Point Piper Sydney

Tai-Lei & James

They also had breathtaking chandeliers by Starlight Chandeliers which added to the grandeur of the room. Very classy, timeless and sophisticated.

Images: Society Photography / Florals by John Emmanuel Florist at Luna Park Venues Sydney

Samantha & Martin

Everything about this wedding felt luscious and romantic! The mood lighting from the abundance of candles bouncing off the soft hues of the florals & greenery was dreamy.

Images: Society Photography / Florals by the amazing Susan Avery at Sergeants Mess Mosman