When it came to The Polka Dot Issue, we knew we needed a few cocktails that well and truly measured up. And well, not going to lie but I think today’s might have just made its mark.

Our take on a royale, this one is fresh and citrusy, so perfect for a summer wedding and with the addition of bubbles as well as a little unexpected sweet, tart flavour from our ‘polka dots’, it has all the makings of a whimsical, fun cocktail to serve up on your wedding day.

First up, let’s talk Prosecco. It is a bit of a tradition for my household to celebrate the end of the week with a glass of Prosecco, so we know what we like. Yarra Burn sent us over this bottle of their Prosecco NV and I’m a fan; Australian made and grown, this beauty has all the fruit notes – like pear and grapefruit (which pairs really well with the citrus liqueur we used in the cocktail and is a contrast to the tartness of the pomegranate).

And the bubbles themselves? Well, this cocktail was inspired after a frozen yoghurt treat, topped with delicious pomegranate pearls, and the way they burst in your mouth to release that tart flavour? I knew they were a perfect addition to the cocktail. And the best part? They float. So really, they’re the most whimsical addition you could dream of (and perfect for this polka dot lover.) We found ours at a bubble tea supply store (a quick internet search will find you one that will deliver to you).

So what do you think? Did we nail this polka dot cocktail?

Onto the recipe!


  • 20ml cointreau or Triple Sec
  • Squeeze of lime
  • Pomegranate popping pearls
  • Prosecco (We used Yarra Burn Prosecco NV)


  1. In a champagne glass or coupe, add Cointreau or triple sec
  2. Add a squeeze of lime and stir
  3. Top with Prosecco
  4. Add popping pearls, wait until they float and then toast!