Today’s utterly romantic beachside engagement? Oh, it’s super special, because one of the shining stars? A wedding photographer herself! Yes! This is the beautiful engagement session and the story of Lucy Sheedy and her beloved David. And not only are we thrilled to share Lucy’s story, but it’s captured by none other than much-loved Polka Dot friend Sophie Baker. Settle in for this story, because if you’re anything like us? It’s like catching up with old friends!

After a special meeting, on the very last day of the year, these two have been inseparable ever since. “We met by chance at one of Toowoomba’s most iconic pubs, The Spotted on New Year’s Eve” laughs Lucy. The pair became engaged, in a particularly perfect way – an afternoon at home turned something very special. Remembers Lucy “Dave surprised me on the afternoon of our 4th anniversary with a proposal in my home office. He walked in and I thought he’d had the most awful day at work judging by the look on his face. Turns out he was just super nervous and was all stressed out about the proposal!”

Says Lucy “As a wedding photographer I was very keen to not personally have any ironic dates in our relationship. After a short period of getting to know one another, we shared our first kiss on 15th February 2015 which worked out so well! I thought it would be far too ironic as a wedding photographer that our anniversary would be celebrated on the biggest day of love, Valentine’s Day.

I’m not sure why it mattered to me about the whole Valentine’s Day all those years ago because honestly dates really don’t matter when you find your penguin!”

On what they love about one another, Lucy tells “For him it would be my caring nature and for me, it’s his hilarious personality.”

Being good friends with photographer Sophie Baker, meant this session was utterly relaxed and utterly beautiful. “Sophie is beautiful! ” raves Lucy. “I’ve known her for years and when it came time for me to be the bride it was basically a no brainer. David also feels very comfortable with Sophie which means being in front of the camera just that little bit easier.

We took up the option for an engagement shoot which is something we both enjoyed (& highly recommended for any couples) and Sophie made us feel very comfortable. We are so excited about our wedding photos!”