It is no secret around here just how much we love colour, and today’s wedding is packed to the brim with it. From Sophie’s incredible, glittery tinsel jacket and her polka dot rainbow veil, to the handmade origami crane backdrop and the sparkly tassel reception decor. There is not one detail about Sophie and Trent’s wedding that will not fill you with utter joy. Luckily for us, photographer Jessica Clark was there along for the ride to ensure every single moment was captured. “Because of Covid we had lots of people we were live streaming too who couldn’t come” remembers Sophie. “It was such a special day. I think Covid made it more special in a way. The fact we could still have 75 guests at a wedding in 2020 we are so lucky.”

A modern-day dating app led these two together, says Sophie  “It was a very 2000s meeting, we met on a dating app, Plenty of Fish but it was one of those magical nights where you knew there was something special happening.”

A weekend by the sea, just the place for Trent to propose. “We went on a holiday to Marion Bay a little seaside town about 3.5 hours from Adelaide. We went to a lighthouse in the national park. It was very busy but the second we got there and started walking down the track everyone else was leaving. We were by ourselves and then the air became magical just like before our first kiss and he got down on one knee and proposed. I cried a lot of happy tears.”

Sophie’s favourite part of the day? “I think doing our first look together. It was on a rooftop and seeing each other made us so happy and so full of love.”

Of the couple’s chosen photographer, Sophie shares “I loved her work so much. I didn’t book in the venue until I knew she was available. She was amazing. Made us feel at ease. So much fun on the day. The photos are amazing and the prints and packaging of the photos were brilliant. I can not recommend Jessica more.”

Every part of Sophie’s look was colourful and “her”. “I wore a dress from Asos which was a pseudo-two-piece (actually one piece) I wore this amazing veil for the ceremony which had multi-coloured confetti from Crown & Glory. I saw it two weeks before the wedding and HAD TO HAVE IT and had to rush order it to Australia. I wore a multicoloured vibrant flower crown to the reception. I also wore big love heart earrings and a multi-coloured tinsel jacket from the amazing Rachel Burke. It was so fun and colourful. I felt amazing.” Trent finished his blue Daniel Hechter suit off with a bowtie from  Peggy & Finn.

Sophie handmade colourful origami paper cranes to act as the backdrop for the ceremony, which was held on the rooftop at Majestic Roof Garden Hotel.

Sophie was walked down the aisle by her mum and dad. “We had friends who are a duo called London Calling sing “I Want To Grow Old With You” from The Wedding Singer.

“I had so many happy tears. Halfway through I had to stop and ask my mum for a tissue!” laughs Sophie. “There was a lot of laughter. Trent gave me his right hand instead of his left hand to put his ring on. It made me and then everyone laugh so much. When Felix the ring bearer came up to give us the rings he puts the boxes down and wanted to give my sparkly ring to me to put on Trent’s finger. Trent remarked that I get the sparkly ring which was very funny and cute.”

There was no wedding party for the day. “We had Trent’s 4-year-old nephew as our ring bearer otherwise it was just us two which made the day completely stress free. We had friends and family help but not a wedding party.”

Trent’s favourite memory? A private moment he and his bride to be shared. “The whole day was special. I really liked between the wedding and the reception Sophie and I went to our hotel room to get Sophie’s jacket for the reception. We got a sweet moment in time by ourselves and our first time alone as a married couple. I also liked hugging everyone after the Reading when everyone came and congratulated us.”

Colour was carried right through to the reception held at Chateau Apollo. “The manager of Chateau Apollo, Ryan was amazing. He was so helpful and kind leading up. He went above and beyond during the day. He and his staff were so nice. I am so grateful to him, given Covid putting the whole day in jeopardy.”

The sparkly backdrop and reception streamers? All made by Sophie (and Trent!), of course!

The amazing cake? Made by the bride’s sister in law! “My sister in law made our wedding cake. She had a stroke a few weeks before. She still insisted on making the cake even though she had been through so much. So it was very special.”

Sophie and Trent entered the reception to plenty of confetti – some of Sophie’s favourite shots of the day. “Make the wedding your style” advises Sophie. “You don’t have to do what is popular at the time. Because of Covid, we freaked out but never had a bridezilla moment because we were so grateful to have each other.”

Hygge Studio created the bright and beautiful blooms for the day. “The company that made my vision come to life, Hygge made my bouquet. I asked for multicoloured and vibrant. They did great.”


The newlyweds made their first dance special. “We had dancing lessons. Because of Covid restrictions only we were able to dance. We danced to “The Longest Time” by Billy Joel. We consider that our song because we found each other.”

There to capture Sophie and Trent’s special day on film was Rhiannon Miller.

 A big congratulations to you both Sophie and Trent! Your day was so much fun to share! Thank you both and to Jessica Clark for sharing today’s gorgeous celebration with us!