Jasmine & Aaron’s Relaxed Engagement Photos On The Sunshine Coast

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Jasmine & Aaron

Queensland’s beauty never fails to wow us when it comes to beautiful backdrops. The coastal forests, the beautiful beaches, it’s just what we need for lazy weekends and romantic love stories. Today, we’re sharing the tale of Jasmine and Aaron. The pair choosing a favourite spot, and their favourite four-legged friend to truly make their engagement session their very own. They invited photographer  Adriana Watson to join them for a wander around the coast.

Jasmine & Aaron met at school, but love didn’t blossom until some years later, they remember “Despite going to school together (a couple of years apart), we had never actually met until one night when we were out with friends and our paths crossed, I dragged the chain for about 6 months before asking Jazz out, and we have now been together for 8 years.”

“We liked the array of different scenery from the lighthouse, to the ocean to the tropical forest” tells Jasmine. “When choosing a photographer we were looking for someone that we felt was able to capture the candid moments that reflect who we are as a couple. To do that we knew we had to find someone we felt comfortable in the presence of, so the initial phone call meeting was an important part of the process for us because that is when we knew Adriana was the perfect fit.
We believe that shows in the photos she was able to produce during our engagement shoot.”

When it came to proposing, Aaron knew it was going to take something super special to catch the un-surprisable Jasmine off guard, he tells “Jazz is the kind of person that is no good with surprises, I should have known better than to choose a day like Valentine’s Day. Even though I don’t think I had given anything away, leading up to the date she became suspicious, to the point she had gone looking for the ring, never found it though. We got engaged on the beach at Cotton Tree.”

For these two, they wanted a place for their engagement photos, that meant something special, Jasmine noting “The shoot took place at the Point Cartwright lighthouse, this is a location that we spend a lot of time with our dog, so it was already sentimental to us.”

It was an unexpected skill that is one of Jasmine’s favourite stories about Aaron. “In the early days of our relationship Aaron was trying to impress me with his stockwhip cracking abilities, and because of his confidence he was able to convince me to hold a leaf in my hand while he attempted to whip it, long story short he missed the leaf and got my hand, he has never lived it down.”

“I would describe Aaron as the most kind-hearted person on the planet! ” notes the bride to be of her future husband. “His best qualities include his ability to motivate me to continue to be a better person, he is incredibly dependable who would go out of his way for his friends and family. He has unconditional compassion for animals (like me), he is an exceptional listener (unlike me) and he always has a way to make me feel safe and loved whether we are near or apart.”

On what he loves about Jasmine, Aaron shares “I love Jazz’s infectious personality, she always has the ability to make me laugh, she is always a joy to be around. She is the most beautiful person I have ever met.”

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