When styling your wedding, lovers of colour often find themselves playing it relatively safe. But here’s the hot tip – colour can and should be everywhere! It is a wonderful way of expressing your style and adding extra fun to your wedding theme. Oh, what joy colour can bring!

When approached with consideration and respect, colour can be beautifully whimsical and completely sophisticated. Contrary to popular belief, colours do not need to match or be subtle or tonal, you can go wild. And giving the green light to colour doesn’t need to stop your florist, there are plenty of exciting ways to inject the rainbow into your big day.

Here are five unexpected opportunities to go wild with vivid and brilliant colour!

1. Creative Arbours

Gone are the traditional two post arbours. Now it is all about unique shapes including hexagons, other geometric shapes or copper pipes. Create a base to go wild with adding fun additions like novelty balloon features, streamers, tinsel or clusters of pom-poms. Texture is key!

2. Rugs and textiles

When working with colour, we love to layer a range of bold rug colours to create interest and pops of colour and whimsy into the wedding. Using textiles like rugs or throws in bold block colours like orange, reds, and yellows in similar shades and hues and overlapping can look epic.

3. Smoke Bombs (and other similar things)

Smoke bombs are…the bomb! They look amazing during the couple or wedding party photoshoot and can add a colourful haze to your wedding shots. We love to work with greens, pinks, oranges and reds to pop slightly out of the frame and add a cool colourful vibe.

4. Rainbow Cakes

Colourful cakes are totally not just for kids parties anymore! Go full rainbow on the inside and outside of your cake or even just hide the rainbow layers inside for a unique surprise for your guests as they cut into the cake. Or maybe a more subtle approach by a rainbow or colourful cake topper or choosing a few key colours to incorporate into a swirly icing on the outside of your cake.

5. Tableware

There are so many hire options out there now when it comes to tableware styling. You can work with a simple white or grey base, some gold or silver cutlery and then add pops of colour via the place card, a sprig of colourful floral at each setting, a bright bold colour as the napkin that incorporates your theme tying in the colours. Make sure the florals/napkin/place cards all match with 2-3 colour choices, too many colours together can be too much!


Ms Zebra Says: What’s not to love about injecting colour to your happiest day?! These are great tips and advice in not fearing colour and instead embracing ways to use it to decorate and style your special day.

About The Wedding & Event Creators: Our team is able to offer a comprehensive approach to your wedding by having everything in-house! We can cover all your styling, hiring, planning, coordination, set up and floral needs. We can assist from the beginning with styling concept and design through to set up, hire goodies, florals and then execution on the wedding day.