When we look for show stopping wedding gowns of glamour, of statement pieces that are mesmerising in their layer upon layer of detail, we turn to one designer – a master of creating gowns that speak of all the beauty – Galia Lahav.

The brand new collection of the brand’s Gala, made to order gowns? It’s titled Collection IX and speaks to the beauty of the sea.

Inspired by the magic, the beauty of the deep ocean blue, the designers, creating beautiful gowns of translucent beading, metallic fabrics, pearls and sheens that glitter in the sunlight, just like the sea.

One of my favourites is beautifully designed with layers of sparking embroidery and silver fabric, atop soft silk tulle. The combination glittering like the ocean, with its intricate seaweeds and delicate coral strands below it.

Another features a sweetheart corset bodice, but the skirt, of textured horsehair, like delicate strands of coral, that catch the light with every movement.

These are gowns that catch the light like the ripples of the ocean, that are intricately designed like Mother Nature’s coral, that float like they’re in the depths of the sea, that are silhouetted like mermaids. There are even fabrics, custom-designed to shimmer, just like seaweed.

The team telling, of their vision “Many, have tried and gloriously failed to resist the call of the sea. Why not surrender to the allure, the emotion and the stunning beauty of the deep blue? As intrepid explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau once famously said: “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

Galia Lahav is available in Australia at Eternal Bridal, and Dion For Brides.