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Once the ceremony is over, the other things that make a great wedding, fall into place at the reception. Entertainment is key to everyone having a memorable evening and with Lily Road you can be sure that everyone’s toes will be tapping. Based in Sydney and Melbourne but playing all over Australia and internationally, their mix of tunes spans the decades ensuring that everyone will be up and dancing. Reliving the good times through music and bringing them to the present at a wedding of someone dear to you creates new memories and what better way to do this than on the dancefloor. With professional singers featured in The Voice, X Factor and Australian Idol, Lily Road is your go-to band for the best night of your life! Let’s chat to Greg of Lily Road to find out more.

Is there any significance in the name ‘Lily Road’?

This description below best describes what inspired the ‘Lily’ part of the name:

“The Romans used lilies to fill pillows and quilts because of its lovely scent. Lilies thereby became the source of the fragrance of love. If a lady was given this sweet-scented flower, she knew: ‘This is my lover’.”

The ‘road’ part symbolises a new pathway together.

Image by Cavanagh Photography

Where are you based?

We are based in Sydney and Melbourne.

Are you able to perform Australia wide?

We travel all over Australia and overseas for functions. This year we performed in a beautiful location in Bali for a destination wedding. Next year we will be heading to the Maldives!

Images by Gui Jorge

How have you selected your band members to ensure that your band members gel and play the best music possible?

Each singer has their preferential musicians they like to work with. This ensures you are always getting the best lineup possible.

Are we able to see you perform regularly at venues in Sydney and Melbourne?

Yes of course! It’s best to check this link:


We perform regularly at:

Side Bar

509 Pitt Street

Sydney NSW


The Post Hotel

304-306 St Kilda Rd

St Kilda, VIC


Image by David Campbell Imagery

What is Lily Road known for?

Our lovely couples say it all here:


When booking their entertainment, what should bridal couples consider when choosing their band?

It’s best to always look for quality, experience and 5 star reviews. Not settling for the cheapest option is important. You pay for what you get! Meet a few of the band members, have a chat, watch a live performance.

Image by Gui Jorge

When planning our music are there any ‘rules’ to make our entertainment pop?

1) Look for experience – choosing a friend’s band cause it’s a cheap option can make or break your wedding. You want a band that can read the crowd and have the repertoire to make quick change to the more suited songs on the fly.

2) Ask for musicians in a band lineup that play together regularly

3) Word of mouth – ask your friends if they had seen a band at a wedding they have attended where things ‘went off’.

What other factors should we consider?

Imposed noise restrictions is the biggest one. Always ask the venue specifically and ask them to provide details. A venue will not always come forward with this information as they are trying to look after the interests of the venue.

It’s best to visit our blog page for more on restrictions.

Image by Gui Jorge

How would you describe Lily Road’s style?

Authentic, groovy, funky, powerful/energetic, sweet, soulful

Do you offer flexibility with musician numbers so couples can match a band to their venue size and budget?

Yes indeed.

It’s best to visit this link: https://www.lilyroad.com.au/wedding-singers/

You offer different packages which offer music for different aspects of the wedding day. Which is your most popular package?

The most popular is the Silver Package with add-ons i.e. Ceremony/ Canapes music.

Image by Fiona and Bobby Photography

What excites you about being in the music industry right now?

People still love live music! There’s nothing quite like a live band. Every year there are awesome new tracks that come out and we try to get them in our sets.

You recently performed for us live on a Monday night instagram takeover – which we all loved. What is it about performing live that you enjoy?

Thank you! We had a real blast 😉 We enjoy expressing emotion and making people feel.

(Take a look at this fun performance here: https://youtu.be/7H6OWF5HVUw)

What other skills do you bring to your wedding performances?

1) Reading the Crowd – knowing the right songs to play at the right time

2) Interacting with the Crowd and getting them to clap, sing, mosh, crowd surf and generally just go off!

How do ensure that even the most conservative ‘2 left feet’ person is up and dancing?

The key is to mix up time eras and genres to make sure demographics are covered. Usually around bridal waltz time everyone is up dancing. The alcohol has had enough time to take affect by this stage in the night 😉

Image by Cavanagh Photography

How do you judge when the night’s been a success?

Everyone is up dancing and having a wonderful time including the ‘2 left feet’ person.

Does your life off stage revolve around music too – or do you pursue other interests?

Individually we all have separate interests. Some of us have kids, some of like the water and some of us have other businesses. We keep busy!

What is next for Lily Road?

We are focusing on continually providing great live performances and service for Sydney, Melbourne and surrounding areas this year with an interest in other cities in the future.

Thank you Greg for sharing your story. The best memories of your life are often associated with songs that bring back the memories long since tucked away. Reliving the good times with music and dancing is so much fun! To find out more about Lily Road visit the website.

Headshot courtesy of Lily Road.


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