Abi & Georgia’s Joy-Filled Pine Forest Love Shoot

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Abi & Georgia

If you have been reading Polka Dot bride for any length of time, you will know how much we treasure the stories of the beginnings, of going back to the core of what a wedding really is all about. Today, Abi and Georgia so generously shared their own tale with us alongside beautiful imagery captured by Emma Nayler. It’s the kind of story that takes you back years ago – to high school, where love is all consuming and helped on by schoolmates.

Abi tells the story. “Right before I worked up the courage to speak to Georgia in school, my friend and I had been playing the whole ‘who would you date if you had to date anyone in this classroom’ game. I glanced around the room and when I looked at her, I swear you could’ve heard my jaw drop to the floor. From then on, all 16 students in our cohort (and a few teachers too) knew how mad I was for Georgia. They would always help me out by leaving the seat next to her free so I could talk to her, or pair us together in assignments. I was giving a speech during graduation about the students, and when I got to Georgia’s part, most of the audience whistled and started clapping. I nearly died of embarrassment at the time, but it’s funny to look back on now.”

These two share plenty of funny stories of their time together. “We forgot to pack ‘fancy’ clothes when we travelled to Melbourne and we ended up going to a high tea in a very posh hotel. I was wearing very worn out, clunky timberland shoes with a big coat and a horrible flu. There were old people that kept giving us the side-eye because we didn’t fit in very well. We always seem to be awkward but have too much fun together to care too much” tells Georgia.

Georgia remarks “Before we got together Abi was trying to impress me by sweeping me off of my feet to carry me around. She ended up dropping me in a bush. Starting our relationship at 18 meant we shared our first experiences of going out to clubs and waking up with “hangovers from hell”.”

“One of the many reasons I love Georgia is because it feels like I’ve already known her for a lifetime. She feels like home.” tells Abi. Continuing ” We’re always learning new things about one another, and to be honest, our relationship just keeps getting stronger because of this. There are so many layers to Georgia’s personality that make her a truly unique and remarkable person. She pays attention to the smallest of details and puts so much thought and effort into everything she does for other people. We’ve known each other since quite a young age so it’s allowed us to go through lots of life experiences together. As a result, I feel like the foundation of our relationship is very strong and I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) imagine spending my life with anyone else but her.”

On what she loves about Abi, Georgia tells “I love how it feels like we fit together perfectly. We joke that it was ‘fate’ that we were meant to be together because of this and have a very strong bond. I love so much about Abi that it’s hard to summarise, but to name a few reasons why: I love her smile, warm and energetic personality, and sense of humour. I love that Abi is my best friend and I can share anything with her. I also love how she makes me feel – loved, motivated, excited, and happy.”


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