Tien and Jimmy

I really do love engagement photos with beautiful  gowns and smart suits. I love to dress up and given the chance to wear a beautiful gown, I can’t imagine a better excuse!

Today’s photographs come from the lovely Jemma Keech who captured Tien and Jimmy just a few days before their wedding. The couple used beautiful floral arrangements styled by Portobello Rose. Tien wore a floor length gown, also her reception gown, for the shoot.

Tien kicks off their story. “Jimmy proposed on 10 April 2010 while holidaying in Koh Samui. We were there for a very close friend’s wedding and I guess the moment and mood was right for Jimmy to pop the question. We did speak about getting engaged but it was not meant to be for another year at that time so it was very unexpected.”

“We were out at a bar one night and Jimmy asked me to watch the sunrise the next morning as it was nearing our last days in KS. I refused as I love sleeping in and plus it was way too hot. I tried to convince a few friends to join us but they refused, some were just lazy and others knew about the proposal.”

“The next morning, I hear Jimmy in the shower getting ready! Very early too!!! I thought he was crazy but boy he was determined to see the sunrise! He came out of the shower and dragged me out of bed while I was still holding on to my bed sheets wrapped up nice and cosy with the air-conditioning running on full blast. Why would anybody want to leave such a luxurious room!?!? heheheheh Anyway, he managed to convince me but by the time we got to the front of the resort at the beach setting, the sun was already up so we missed the sunrise. Jimmy ended up taking several shots of the view, then of me and then portrait shots of me and him and then more of the view! He handed me the camera and asked me to take more shots of the view and I was annoyed by this time because the sun was up and it was scorching hot. All I could think about was going back to the resort in the air-conditioning room.”

“Jimmy continuously walked up and down the beach and I got annoyed so I sat down right at the front edge of the sun baking chair with my two elbows on my knees with a frown due heat exhaustion. I know, I’m such a baby! Jimmy ended up kneeling in front of me to take a photo of me and then I laughed as he snapped away and I said to him, ‘hahahahaha, it looks like you’re about to propose’. He then replied while tapping his cargo shorts with his hands and questioned rhetorically, ‘you want me to propose do you?! you want me to propose?!?’. I just laughed and snapped away and while I looked down at the camera to preview the shots I had just taken, Jimmy was still on his knees balling his eyes out with the ring box opened. So yes, I cried and said to him ‘Are you serious?!?!?’ and then asked him ‘Are you going to ask me to marry you?!?!?’… and of course he asked and I said yes otherwise, we wouldn’t be here today. Unforgettable and definitely will never forget the butterflies and overwhelming feeling during that precise moment. I wish it happened all over again, every day…. *sigh*.”

“For our engagement photos e decided to choose an ‘elegant/timeless theme’ of the simple terrace backdrop home as our engagement shoot. We wanted subtle and pretty pastel colours which is what Jemma is fantastic at doing. It resembles Jimmy and I as we are just a very simple couple. ”