Australian wedding planner Cathrin D’Entremont joins us today to give us the best tips she gives to her grooms on their wedding days. Cathrin also writes a gorgeous blog on her website CD Weddings.


Photo by Xiss Photography

You may feel a little left out in all that wedding planning. Let’s face it, choosing flowers may not be your thing anyway, but there is still plenty for you to do:

  1. If ballroom dancing is not your thing, do consider taking lessons for your bridal waltz. Not only will you feel more confident in leading your bride, but your guests will love it.
  2. Give your groomsmen plenty of notice for the fitting of the suit hire appointment. You need to do the fitting at least 2 months prior to your wedding day. When they are all dressed – look in the mirror together and ask yourself if this is the look you wanted? Is this fitting in with the overall theme?
  3. Yes, you do need black socks, but you could consider coloured socks, may be matching the colour theme? Or just have some fun and mix and match!
  4. Leading up to the wedding make sure you and your groomsmen do not get sunburned. Not a good look on the wedding photos – don’t you agree? Slip- Slop- Slap!
  5. Do not leave it up to the last minute to write your speech. Give your best man a copy just in case! Practise it – trust me it will be worth it!
  6. Become familiar with the time line on the day. It is going to be a long day and you do not like to be late for anything!
  7. Maybe a bouquet of flowers and a card with a special note on the morning of your wedding to your bride would be a good thing?
  8. Consider a card, a love poem to your “new wife” and place it on her pillow on your wedding night. Let your imagination run wild!

A perfect ending to your perfect day!

Check out Cathrin’s blog here for more of her wedding planning tips!