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Decadent, lush, luxe are all the words I’d use to describe the cakes that Zee Scott creates. The daughter of a royal icing specialist who has absorbed her mother’s talents and creates beautiful vintage style piping to cover her cakes,  Zee was at the forefront of this movement harking back to the days of the ’70s when minimalism was just not a ‘thing’ and every square inch of the cake was covered  with elaborate decoration.  With her 14+ years experience, her talent for combining colours that are at once unusual, striking and yet so joyful and elegant, she creates her cakes with the same vintage feel but with a more modern edge.

Zee is able to work with other vendors to bring a cohesive look to your wedding. What about planning the buttercream details and colours to coordinate with the table linen and flowers? How spectacular would that look?

And the plain white  piped buttercream used in a lavish design looks just like heavy lace or fringing on a vintage tablecloth – something that you could contrast with plain simple white decor and candles with your cake centre stage, or play up with lots of vintage elements in your place settings.

And try not to stick your finger into the buttercream as you walk past – it’ll take all the self control you can muster!

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