Happy Monday Dotties! It seems fitting that  The Words Issue is now in full swing. So much of a wedding is about words – emotional words, happy and humorous words and words of tribute and acknowledgement. All mean so much more on a wedding day don’t you think?

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From Matt & Elissa’s Festival of Love Wedding in Woodend

From Andy & Olivia’s Sweet Rippon Lea Estate Wedding

From Kerry & Diana’s Melbourne City Wedding

City or country weddings – Brett Scapin Photography is your person for capturing the cityscapes or the country vistas. Each wedding he photographs speaks of its surroundings and as Brett describes his work, is “busy, full, and sometimes a bit chaotic. Just like a wedding.” His tendency is “to sit back and watch, take it all in, and find the pictures that are already there.” That approach requires experience and maybe sometimes even a little courage, but produces carefully crafted, honest and heartfelt images, filled with meaning. Out of the mayhem, flurry  and excitement of your wedding day comes images that create the story of your day, full of memories and sparkle.

We asked Brett of Brett Scapin Photography five questions in five minutes:

Weddings are the best to work on because…. they have everything! They’re a mad salad of families, culture, old traditions, old traditions that get ripped up and flipped into something new, drinking, partying and love. What else is there?
What is something people would be surprised to know about your job or something that challenges you about your job? I’m always surprised by who really cuts loose on the dance floor. I start the day thinking I’ve got it nailed, and then some middle-aged dark horse takes their pants off for Party In The USA.
What is it about the creative process that you most enjoy? The whole day is like a treasure hunt for great pictures. Weddings are busy, so there’s always lots to photograph, but finding the best moments to photograph is like a sport.
What are you hilariously bad at? Dancing. Hilariously might not be the right word. It’s certainly not funny.
When you were small what did you dream of being and where have those dreams taken you? When I was small I probably dreamed of digging up dinosaur bones, or being an astronaut. Safe to say I landed quite a long way from there!

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Main image – from Kerry & Diana’s Melbourne City Wedding