For those looking to stay dry post-July, or now identify as sober-curious, a wedding might sound like your worst nightmare. Filled with ever-flowing champagne and a collection of tipsy family members, weddings don’t tend to have a strong reputation for being zero alc. However, thanks to the growth of the non-alcoholic beverage market here in Australia, zero alc alternatives are much more interesting for weddinggoers who want to pass on the same old juice and/or soft drink option. Here’s “Why You Should Have Non-Alcoholic Drinks At Your Wedding” with Aaron Trotman from NON for The Champagne Issue.

Image: Dream Cave from Phoebe & Kyle’s Modern Country Wedding At Allenvale Homestead

There has been a significant shift in the way Australians are approaching their relationship with alcohol, and as a result, we’re seeing a steep rise in the number of people opting to sip on something with low to no alcohol content. With this, comes the creation of an entirely new range of delicious drinks that add a sense of classiness to the sober life. It goes without saying that we need to think about adapting to these changing trends, and that includes when hosting a crowd. Once the alcohol is covered while planning your wedding, stop for a second to think about the options you’re including for those who don’t have a taste for it, choose not to partake in alcoholic drinks, are attending as designated drivers, or perhaps are mothers-to-be!

Images (L-R): Folk & Follow from Hannah & Gareth’s Pretty Spring Picnic Wedding / Muse Photography from Modern Coastal Wedding Ideas

Whether guests are moderating drinking, not drinking or can’t drink for whatever reason, it’s important to make all guests feel welcomed, in fact, going the extra mile to include – sophisticated and adult non-alcoholic beverages is one of the more thoughtful and inclusive acts you could do to ensure everyone is enjoying the celebrations.

It may seem like adding non-alcoholic beverages to the menu is really hiking up the price, but you’ll be surprised how easy it can be to provide alternatives to the known classics. Touch base with the venue and beverage teams ahead of time to inquire about your options and existing beverage packages. It’s not too much effort to ask what is or could be behind the bar, and your proactive thinking will go a long way when it comes to non-drinking guests at the wedding. Otherwise, have a conversation instead about providing your own.

Image: Photography by Sarah J from Julie & David’s Artsy Colourful Quirky Country Wedding

Contrary to what you may think, non-alcoholic doesn’t necessarily mean bland or boring! Something I love about the emergence of plenty of zero-alcohol options is the level of innovation and experimentation that has been unveiled, especially by local brands. It’s a testament to the need to normalise the idea that the only way to celebrate and have a good time, is via the consumption of alcohol. Drinking has always been a big component of weddings given the speeches and toasts made, but ultimately you want to celebrate love and two people coming together. When there’s an opportunity to be fully present and still enjoy yourself, thanks to the growing number and interest in non-alcoholic options, you really can’t go wrong with adding variety to your wedding drinks list.

Image: Pure Mac Photography from Danica & Stuart’s Summer Winery Micro Wedding

When creating NON we focused less on mimicking the taste of mainstream or traditional wine, and more on curating new and interesting flavours with a sense of elegance. Serving up unique flavour profiles only helps to elevate the fine food you have on offer as well. For example…

NON1, Salted Raspberry and Chamomile, balances the sweet with the salty, perfectly paired with salads and cured meats. Whip this one out when the entrees roll in.

Images: NON

NON3, Toasted Cinnamon and Yuzu, is a bright and tart drop reserved for sprawling seafood platters and antipasti. Great for sipping in the summer sunshine and a very easy drink to digest during the day. Would work beautifully for a warm afternoon garden reception or a sea breezey coastal do!

Images: NON

NON7, Stewed Cherry and Coffee, brings a dash of fruit and spice to the front, best complementing those chocolatey desserts. A luxurious drop to reserve for late in the eve.

Image: NON

If you are looking for options beyond non-alcoholic wine alternatives there are plenty to choose from. Some of our favourites, for consideration, beyond NON, of course, include alcohol-free beer’s Heaps Normal, Sobah and non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip for cocktail creations. The opportunities with dry drinking are now (thankfully) endless! So, if you’re planning a wedding, make sure you’re planning for the whole potential crowd.

Image: Clodagh Jane Photography from Bright & Colourful Modern Weddings Ideas On The Mornington Peninsula 

About NON: Redefining the wine occasion using the natural world, with multidisciplinary techniques to produce the future of drinks. Welcome to the world of non, loved by world-famous chefs, restaurants, bar owners, and self-proclaimed foodies from around the globe. Founded by Aaron Trotman, a serial entrepreneur and foodie on a mission to create the future of drinks, NON is an intricate balancing act of flavour built from the ground up with key notes of fruit, tannin, salinity & acidity and a bold, minimalist design. Designed by a team of expert food & beverage professionals, we draw from a vast base of knowledge from all areas, ranging from chefs, bartenders, food scientists and winemakers. Made in our purpose-built NON-world in Melbourne, Australia; one of the epicentres of the gastronomic world, non is a 0.0% re-think of the wine experience. Something for everyone, on any occasion.

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