You know how much the vibrant of tones of Autumn are some of our favourites, and when you pair the golden hues, with gold and red traditional attire? The result, as evidenced by the photographs by Jacob Gordon Photography is stunning.

Juhi and Parshva wanted something completely the opposite to their beachside engagement location, so the pair, along with Jacob, chose Melbourne’s Fitzroy  Gardens, in the middle of Autumn, as their backdrop, honouring their love of nature.

It wasn’t always such romance, for these two; the pair who met at university through a mutual friend, definitely did not have a love at first sight moment, says Juhi. ” I really disliked him at first, but we soon became best friends and here we are, 8 years later. We love that we make each other laugh, and we balance each other out.”

Of their photographer, Juhi notes “Jacob was super wonderful! He made us feel so comfortable. He asked us questions that made us laugh and think about each other in ways we hadn’t before.”

Parshva completely blind sided Juhi with the proposal, using the cover of a fancy date night to bait and switch. Juhi tells their story, “So, a couple of weeks before the proposal, Parshva suggested that for our next date night we consider going to a fancier restaurant since it had been a while since our last rendezvous! Of course, I said yes to excellent food, and excited by the idea of a fancy dinner, I put on a lovely dress and some makeup for our date night!

Parshva came to pick me up after work and as we were driving he said.. ‘so our dinner reservation isn’t till like 7 pm, it’s a beautiful day, do you want to stop by the beach for a bit?’. Since we both LOVE the beach, it was a straight yes.  We park the car and walk towards a secluded side of the beach.. (we hadn’t been here before, but it’s in our nature to explore random spots).

Lost in Parshva’s words, I walked down to the beach and just as I turned around, I saw a beautiful heart in the sand bordered with roses, fairy light, candles, balloons, wine and a board that said, ‘Can’t wait to do life with you’.. confused at first, we continued to walk towards this heart and a few seconds later, our families and my best friend come out with a sign saying, ‘Marry Me Juhi?’ Feeling overjoyed and overwhelmed, I start crying at this point and freeze. Parshva walks us into the heart, pulls out the ring and asks me if I would marry him?

The evening was just PERFECT in everyyy wayyy.. we had family photos for a little bit.. and then went out for a big family dinner. This was REALLY well played by Parshva cause I was 99% sure he didn’t have the ring… till about three weeks ago, he was sending me photos of awful-looking rings! and then last weekend he was like… ‘can we go check out one store at least, cause I want you to give me more options than that basic ring you like’. The wait was totally worth it for a fairytale proposal like this.”