We really are a flower-loving bunch over here at PDW! Continuing with our delicious Yellow Issue we have the exquisite floral extraordinaire Cassandra Kempster-Roberts on the blog today with some yellow flower wisdom! From pale yellow to a punchy pop, here is “Fabulous Yellow Florals To Consider For Your Wedding Day”…

Yellow: magnificent, sometimes subtle, sometimes bold. Like other colours, there’s a range of tints, tones and shades that can spring to mind when someone thinks “yellow”. From the palest lemon sorbet kind to the rich, almost golden yellow-orange. Whether you’re after strong, punchy colours or soft pastels, there are plenty of flowers that grow with yellows in their colour range.

Ways To Use Yellow Florals

It comes down to personal preference as to how you want to include yellow flowers. You could incorporate them in a restrained way, with a light smattering through flowers in other colours. Perhaps you want a yellow monochromatic colour scheme, utilising different yellows for interest and depth. You may want it to be the predominant flower colour, but with other hues in your palette. You could give yellow equal billing with a handful of other colours. The options go on.

Yellow flowers also don’t have to be the preserve of one look. I envisage them working for wildly differing moods. Whether you’re channelling sun-drenched countryside vibes, a cottage garden, beautiful Aussie bush, English meadow, retro and kitschy, minimalism, blousy and romantic, tropical, or something else entirely, the right florist for you can plan options to bring your overarching style to life.

Yellow Florals

This isn’t an exhaustive list below – yes, there are plenty more. It’s intended as a bit of an inspiration kick-starter, so chat to your florist about what may work in your circumstances.

Try to keep an open mind, perhaps allowing colours and overall feel rather than exact varieties to steer the selection, and make the most of your florist’s expertise. Depending on when and where your wedding is happening, different flowers will be around; not everything is in season at the same time, and not everything is available in all places. Your florist could help you avoid using something classed as a weed in your state/area or point out which florals may be an irritant or poisonous (or help you try to steer clear of those if need be). If things like fragrance or being wholly locally grown are pivotal, these are all topics to speak about with your florist. And yes, I probably am biased about how awesome a job a good florist can do!

Here are just 33 of the many fantastic florals with yellows in their colour ranges!

1. Acacia
2. Asters
3. Banksia
4. Bearded and Dutch irises
5. Billy buttons
6. Boronia
7. Calla lilies
8. Carnations
9. Chrysanthemums
10. Cosmos
11. Cymbidium orchids
12. Daffodils
13. Dahlias
14. Eucalyptus flowers
15. Freesias
16. Geleznowia
17. Golden penda
18. Grevillea
19. Heliconia
20. Hyacinths
21. Kangaroo paw
22. Oncidium orchids
23. Peonies
24. Poppies
25. Ranunculus
26. Roses
27. Snapdragons
28. Spider orchids
29. Stock
30. Straw flowers
31. Sunflowers
32. Tulips
33. Zinnias

Be it contemporary or classic, in bouquets or on elegant textural tablescapes, if you want yellow flowers involved in your event, go for it!

About Cassandra Kempster-Roberts: Florals that feel a touch wild and a little untamed. Whether it’s a micro, mid-sized or backyard wedding, an engagement party or elopement, it’s a privilege to help you mark the occasion with bespoke florals that showcase nature and your love. So if you’re getting married in Sydney, the Northern Tablelands or Mid North Coast of NSW and looking for a florist that will listen and not push you towards (or away from!) trends, let’s chat. I’d love to work with you and enhance an already special day with nature’s finest.