Welcome to today’s wisdom blog! We are going to take a journey together and I’ll share some advice along the way. I’m going to mention the dreaded C word… COVID. But please bear with me, I promise that when you get to the end of this post you’ll feel a little less alone/confused/worried for your wedding day celebrations, know exactly what a Pineapple Moment is, and have many to celebrate!

Let’s rewind back to 2020. I for one, had no idea how long this pandemic was (or is!) going to last nor did I know what it would take from me or my beautiful couples. I’m a professional Makeup Artist – one of the first industry sectors to be shut down or restricted when Covid clusters threaten. Often with little or no financial support as a Sole Trader – like many other wedding vendors – let me tell you there are times I’ve felt hopeless (yes, tears… lots of tears) and times I’ve stepped up to divide and conquer! BUT every step of the way I have remained the poster girl for each of my couples achieving ultimate happiness on their perfect days – in whatever form it took! Forever and always in your corner!

Cheers Covid, you put me through the test of all times – but my love and dedication to my craft, the years invested in it, and my love of caring and supporting my clients through whatever lay ahead has got me through (and now thanks to Polka Dot Wisdom I get to share this with all of you!). Because of the pandemic I’ve discovered I’m a fighter, I love pineapples (I’ve found so many others do too!), and last but not least that smiles, laughter, and caring for people are critical to making my world spin. I’m in this for the long haul!

How to have your #pineapplemoment and what is it?

A pineapple moment put simply is anything that brings you happiness! It is a term I created and share in all aspects of my life, in this case, I’m applying it to the Wedding Industry and celebrating every little moment of happiness along the planning process right through to the day!

You’ve chosen your wedding party? #pineapplemoment
You’ve chosen your wedding day attire? #pineapplemoment
You’ve chosen rings? #pineapplemoment
Didn’t have to postpone? #pineapplemoment

…See where this is going?

Side Note: So why pineapples I hear you say? Well… They are yellow, the colour of happiness (my favourite colour!) and without fail they stand tall and wear their beautiful crown of greenery day in, day out, regardless. It seemed so fitting to me! So stand tall and wear your crown and celebrate YOUR happiness!

Covid VS Wedding Day

Are you concerned/worried/nervous/confused?

It is absolutely ok to feel this way – we all do at some point! To help ease your concern keep an open conversation with all your vendors at critical times. Yes, this can be hard and a lot of people to speak to BUT by being upfront we’ll know the best way to support you. It is important to know the Terms & Conditions of all your vendors too – you should have received this at the time of booking. Some vendors may update these as things unfold – either way, you need a copy.

TIP: If you haven’t received a Booking Contract, Service Agreement or Terms & Conditions… Have you booked a professional?

Keep in closer contact with your key vendors in the month before your day eg: Venue, Celebrant, Photographer, Videographer, Caterer, Stylist/Planner, Cake Artist, Florist, Hair and Makeup Artist.

Do you need to postpone? Or maybe you might have to? 

Don’t feel silly putting a Plan B in place, this will help us (your vendors) prepare. And if the need arises you can flip Plan B into place and ta-da! The re-planning of your day is already done! Each business can be a little different in their postponing policies – this will be in the T’s & C’s I mentioned above.

Say ‘no thanks’ to the extra stress that re-planning your day can bring.

But what if you don’t want to postpone –  you want to get married?

Ok, then let’s do it! Have you heard the term ‘micro’ wedding? Put simply it is a mini celebration (a few more people than an Elopement) but at the end of the day, you will be married. Here’s an idea – postpone your full reception to your first anniversary – an Anniversary Reception! For a micro wedding, you will only need a small group of key vendors – Venue, Photographer, Videographer, Stylist/Planner, Celebrant, Florist, Hair and Makeup. (Perhaps a smaller celebration cake to share together? Every celebration needs cake!)

TIP: You can choose to Live Stream your micro Ceremony or… keep it for your Anniversary Reception as a feature presentation.

Let’s Elope! 

Are you after an even smaller gathering of your nearest? Or perhaps you need to keep your numbers to fit within restrictions… flick the switch and put your Plan B into action (it’s following the same steps above!).

Your Anniversary Reception…

CAN be completely different to your wedding day theme or the same, the choice is yours! Whatever your decision you’ll have a whole year to decide what it will be and what you will feature from your micro wedding. At this point, all you need to do is lock in the date with your vendors. Take the pressure off and just enjoy that you are married!

Break Down Your Wedding Day… 

Get ready, it’s going to be a long but wonderful day! Break down your day into steps to celebrate with different groups of your loved ones at each point:

For example:

•Micro Ceremony
•Wedding Morning Tea/Brunch (Keep a lunchtime break for just the two of you and some alone time.)
•Sunset photos with the wedding party – treat them to a mini cocktail party or micro reception.

This will take some planning and involve a few locations (not for the faint-hearted!) BUT it means you’ll be able to celebrate with most of your nearest and dearest across the day. I recommend you have your photographer and videographer (if you can) with you for each step – to capture all these special memories!

I’d love to see you share your #pineapplemoment using the hashtag on your socials! (While you’re at it why not include #polkadotweddings and #tynealehahmakeupartist so we can see it too!)

It’s time to start a movement to celebrate your moments of happiness and rise above any sadness,  and the emotional and mental trauma of the current pandemic, or any setbacks you may have during the wedding planning process. The above steps and advice aren’t just for COVID weddings, as we know that restrictions are starting to ease, but it’s a good idea to have these steps to look back on if your wedding does get slightly derailed!

I know we’d all love some extra happiness and love in the world right now?! If this can bring a smile to your face for just a moment, I’ve achieved what I set out to do. Find the happiness you’ve kept inside and share it with the world!

About Tyneale Hahn Makeup Artist: As a Makeup Artist, I have a very real approach to Wedding and Event Makeup, classic and natural are the makeup styles I am best known for but I love to create and care for all my clients. In my line of work, I have the ability to take care of people at the most precious times in their lives and share in their smiles and laughter. It is so important to me that your Wedding, Event, or Commercial Project runs exactly as you wish it to.