Choosing the right song for your wedding film is super important as it’s essentially going to dictate the whole vibe of the film. Different videographers have different options when it comes to music, but a great song choice really depends on the type of film you’re after, as your wedding footage is going to be edited to pair with the song. Here at Lovereel we prefer to let our couples choose from a huge selection of songs which we’ve already handpicked to suit each film type, or couples can leave it in our hands and we’ll choose for them, based on what we believe is going to work best for their film.

Note: videographers must use music that they are able to purchase a license to use (which typically rules out your favourite pop song, sorry!).

Isabelle & Ante

Here’s how music works for each of our film types!

Teaser Films

For our Teaser Films, almost any song will work as it’s only going to be roughly 45 seconds in length, and it’s basically like a film trailer.

Isabelle & Ante

Isabella & Ante chose from a selection of songs Lovereel had sent them for their Teaser Film which we captured at The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney.

Highlight Films

For our Highlight Films, we recommend music that is mid-pace and emotional, and whilst we’d typically always lean more towards the instrumental side of things to keep everything flowing smoothly, songs with lyrics can sometimes work for this type of film as well.

April & Tom

April & Tom chose from a selection of songs Lovereel had sent them for their Highlight Film which we captured at 48 Watt Street in Newcastle:

Short Films

For our Short Films, we strongly recommend using slow to mid-pace, emotional instrumental music, because there is going to be a fair amount of audio from the day included within the film, and you don’t want your vows clashing with the lyrics of a song, for example. It’s best to let your laughter, cheers, and beautiful words throughout the day become the lyrics to the song for your wedding film, so to speak.

Jemma & Joel

Jemma & Joel let Lovereel choose the song for their Short Film which we captured at Peppers Creek Barrel Room and Chapel in the Hunter Valley.

Instrumental vs Lyrics

If you find yourself being disappointed that you can’t use your favourite pop song in your wedding film, ask yourself, are you really going to want to hear it every single time you watch your wedding film? You might, but watching your wedding film back is going to feel somewhat repetitive with such a recognisable song over the top, not to mention, the lyrics heard within the song can easily clash with your wedding vows and speeches on the day, and can be quite distracting.

An instrumental piece, on the other hand, will sit nicely in the background, allowing the laughter, cheers, and beautiful words spoken on your wedding day to take the lead. Instrumentals essentially give your wedding film room to breathe and flow naturally, which is only going to enhance what you feel when you watch it back. They also tend to have more crescendos and decrescendos (buildups and breakdowns), which is an essential ingredient when portraying the emotions of your wedding day on film.

No matter which way you decide to go with your song choices, Lovereel will always do our absolute best to make it work with your wedding footage.

Jemma & Joel

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