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Capturing timeless memories on film throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and surrounding areas ❤️

Lovereel specialises in affordable, candid wedding videography with an eye for light-hearted and bright storytelling. Capturing timeless memories on film, our dynamic team works together with you to create a visual reminder of your wedding as vivid and emotional as your special day itself.

From intimate ceremonies to grand venues all across Australia, our wedding videographers are there to capture all your best angles in cinematic quality – the happy tears, the secret whispers and of course, that special lover’s magic in the air.

With a keen eye for all those little details that make your wedding day so unique, we offer four different wedding film editing styles to choose from, varying in length, on top of the Raw Footage that you’ll receive with your booking.

For those that like to keep it short and sweet, our Teaser Films are crisp and cheery 30 – 45 second videos stringing together all the highlights of your wedding day, edited to the sound of friendly background music. An impression of all the highlights, allowing you to fill in the blanks with your memory.

Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words, and for that we have our Highlight Films. With a visual focus on the monumental moments of your wedding – the walk down the aisle, the exchange of vows and rings as well as the commencing celebrations, this 3-minute-long film recounts the story of your wedding day in a format that is fast-paced and perfect to share online.

If you would like to include audio elements from your wedding, our Short Films are the perfect choice. With an emphasis on narrating the story of your special day through the most significant moments and emotions, these films are around 5 minutes in length and slower in pace. Chronologically structured from the ceremony formalities to the reception speeches and dance floor antics, and of course the candid laughter in between: our videographers and editors work together to create a seamless representation of your wedding day that will forever make you feel like it was just yesterday.

Our Feature Films are carefully curated for those who want to relive their wedding day in all its details. From the preparations to formalities, saying ‘I Do’, and ‘Let’s Dance’ – this film conveys the natural narrative of the full day, including your wedding ceremony and reception speeches in full. Corrected in audio and colour, and underlined with music to those memories made without words, we lay strong focus on highlighting the heartfelt emotions. Edited to upwards of 45 minutes in length, this film will take you on a trip down memory lane, however much time has passed since.

All of the original raw footage shot that day will be yours also. We’ll even combine it all into one long unedited video for easy viewing. From venue shots, ceremony and reception, plus all the emotions of the day – this is everything, giving you the option of having a wedding film edited at any point in the future, even if you’re not choosing to have one straight away.

If you’re unsure which wedding film best suits your vision, or want to discuss booking more than one – or none at all, if you’d prefer only raw footage – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We’re happy to tailor a wedding videography package specifically to you so that the memory of your special day will continue to play not only in your mind, but for everyone else to see, too.


Emma & James’ picturesque wedding in the Blue Mountains

There’s a sense of certainty in the air, and these two radiate serenity. Sure of starting their new chapter and wrapped in the arms of each other — Emma and James celebrated their big day before the eyes of their friends and family, and in front of the most beautiful backdrop at Seclusions in the […]

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Courtney & Darren’s Sparkling Wedding Celebrations in Sydney

Two that make love look so good. Dressed in a thousand sparkles, and smiling from ear to ear, Courtney and Darren decided on forever.The couple celebrated in sophisticated style at the Sheraton Grand Hotel Sydney, surrounded by family, friends, and the promise to always cherish each other. Bright with happiness and radiating love, the room […]

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Amber-lee & Jack’s Picturesque Garden Wedding In The Hunter Valley

Amber-lee had her eye on Jack the minute she scrolled through his Instagram profile. One night out at the pub where Jack worked, she gave him a cheeky double-tap — on the bum (not on the ‘gram) and made the first move on what is now a forever promise.A walk down the aisle, a walk […]

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Moving Memories: Invaluable Advice From A Seasoned Wedding Videographer

Wedding videography is so powerful in the way it brings all those beautiful memories of your wedding day flooding back. There’s nothing like seeing your day in motion and hearing all the joyous moments played back to you. Today, we chat to the talented videography team at Lovereel about why having a videographer on your […]

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Renee & Jake’s Dreamy Wedding At The Farm In Byron Bay

Tucked away into the peaceful quiet of The Farm in Byron Bay, Renee and Jake made their love official in front of their nearest and dearest.Surrounded by petals and the soft sounds of local artist Nick Cunningham’s love songs, the two exchanged their vows, their rings, the first kiss and a happy smile. Twirling into […]

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Jenny & Alex’s Wedding Extravaganza At Willow’s Estate, Kangaroo Valley

Two that made it their own. From the bright blooms to the shimmery tinsel over the bride’s shoulders — Jenny and Alex’s special day was truly extravagant in every sense.Eight years ago, it was a party that got them talking. So, this day was the exciting celebration of the love that ensued. Between pugs and […]

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Samantha & Michael’s Cheerful Seaside Wedding In Newcastle

They say you shouldn’t get into strangers’ cars, but twelve years later, here we are… Forever laughing about who gets to have the last word, Samantha and Michael both said ‘I do’ in a lively wedding overlooking the beautiful Newcastle Harbour waterfront.Officially tying the knot before their friends, family, little ones, and an angel looking […]

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Rebecca & Greg’s Seaside Celebrations In Sydney

Exchanging excited looks and heartfelt vows, Rebecca and Greg made their love official in an intimate seaside wedding overlooking the picturesque Whale Beach in Sydney.From getting ready in the morning to cutting the cake at night, these two are always surrounded by their own little family. Of course, that includes two extra scribbly signatures on […]

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Tiana & Lachlan’s Charming Vineyard Wedding In The Hunter Valley

From watching the sun rise over the sweeping grapevines at Ironbark Hill, to taking their first stroll into the sunset as a married couple — Tiana and Lachlan’s wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect.Wed in an intimate ceremony overlooking the beautiful Hunter Valley, the couple locked eyes and hands while promising to love each […]

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Tegan & Dominic’s Romantic Vineyard Wedding In The Hunter Valley

It started with a cup of tea, then turned into dinner, then turned into forever. Tegan and Dominic’s love is built on friendship. And on this day, eight years later, they celebrated it with their closest.The pair made it official in a beautiful ceremony overlooking the panoramic vineyards of Ironbark Hill in the Hunter Valley, […]

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