For your green, nature theme wedding, here are some quick handy hints on how to create stand out lush greenery and floral arrangements for your natural world wedding day, brought to us by the wonderful team at Glasshaus

To create lush greenery arrangements for your special day, there are a few elements that are quite important.

The main consideration is seasonality. You need to be able to work with foliage and floral options that are in their peak form and thriving in their climate to look the most visually appealing. At Glasshaus this is something we are truly passionate about as seasonality has a major influence on what we can use to create our arrangements. We want to use the best quality product so that your arrangements will always be looking at their finest, as should your wedding florist.

To create that stand-out floral or greenery piece, it is best to consider elements such as layers, tone, texture, and shapes. Thinking about your colours such as vibrant greens against soft silver-blue tones or contrasting the shape of a softer organic piece of foliage compared to something quite structured and formed, can create interesting and memorable floral designs for your day. By using these elements of design, it can take your arrangements to the next level and be something truly exquisite!

Colour blocking is another amazing way to create lush arrangements. Whether they are full of greenery or keep to a specific colour palette, this will make your arrangements appear larger and quite striking. Putting these colour-blocked arrangements against a contrasting tablescape or backdrop is another way to make them pop, otherwise having them against like colours is just as stunning (as you can see from these images!).

Our florists and green stylists ensure to be creative and use elements that we are passionate about. We like to make every arrangement unique, tailoring each style to our clients’ ideas and inspiration. Speak with your wedding florist to achieve these with your own wedding day florals, and how best to make a stunning floral statement. OR give it a go yourself! Flower markets are full of stunning blooms and lush armfuls of greenery.

Images of Tess & Alex’s Wedding photographed by She Takes Pictures He Makes Films at Glasshaus

About Glasshaus: We all have one thing in common – we love plants. We love good design, good style, good spaces, and we are all lucky to work every day with the things we love, except for accounts! We are a multifaceted team anchored in the botanical world, that’s what we are about at Glasshaus.