With our celebration of, well, staying home this April, we wanted to make sure we have plenty of ideas to make your at-home nuptials even more special! While bubbly is always a perfect option for your celebration, batch cocktails can make your celebration a little more celebratory. Batching cocktails, in particular, are a favourite for us – they’re easy to whip up in advance and keep in the fridge so that when your guests are ready to drink, you just need to add your mixer or sparkling wine, and you’re set to toast!

Here are eight delicious batch cocktails you’re going to want to add to your at-home wedding!

1. Mojito Jug

2. Strawberry Frose

3. White Lily Couture’s Rosewater Kiss

4. Strawberry & Rose Mojito

5. Cherry & Ginger White Sangria

6. Cranberry Citrus Mimosas

7. Spiked Cucumber Lemonade

8. Pimms Cup