After all the hullaballoo about strawberries this year, we decided The Summer Issue definitely needed to find a way to use the sweet fruit – especially with long summer days ahead! What better way to celebrate than with a recipe for strawberry filled frosé? An alcoholic slushie, in the prettiest of pink shades, is always a winner. So, for summertime pre-wedding parties and weddings, we have this one on our list!

Frosé is easy as pie to make – we like ours strawberry heavy and dependent on our puree and the type rosé you choose, your own recipe may be a softer shade of pink (or bright and in your face with strawberries like ours)!


One 750ml bottle of rosé (For the non-rosé  purists, a fruit infused rosé can work really well for this cocktail)

One punnet fresh strawberries

12 ice cubes


In a flat, wide container, freeze the rosé overnight.

Puree your strawberries together and strain. This step is up to personal taste, if you like seeds, skip the straining and if you want added sweetness, add a little sugar or sugar syrup as you blend. Leave to cool.

Take your frozen rosé out of the freezer and using a fork, run it across the frozen surface to create ice flakes.

In a  blender, combine ice cubes, strawberry puree and frozen rosé and blend until smooth.

Divide into glasses, sip & enjoy!