Cocktail Friday – Spiked Organic Cucumber Lemonade

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Ms Polka Dot

We wanted to create a cocktail, for The Green Issue that honoured the mission of reducing waste, of paying attention to where produce comes from, and for this, that even includes where the brands we choose to put in what we drink originate.

So we raided our cocktail cart, we thought of everything “green” and we created this refreshing cocktail, that’s just the ticket for warmer weather weddings and is made using produce that is organic and kind to the environment.

We landed upon this – a spiked, organic cucumber lemonade. We scoped out some of our favourite brands, doing amazing things with an organic ethos in mind. Our gin, Australian born Blind Tiger Organic Gin is committed to sustainable farming practices and uses grain and botanicals from pesticide-free farms. StrangeLove makes the most delicious sodas and their organic lemon squash seemed like just the right choice for our “green” cocktail.

But the star of the show, oddly enough Is our cucumber (organic cucumbers can be hard to find in Australia, so we hit our favourite local farmers market for something freshly picked!). The freshness of the vegetable not only added something fun and green to our “green” cocktail, but added a level of freshness, and a distinctly delicious flavour to our spiked lemonade.


  • One cucumber
  • One lemon
  • Ice
  • 30ml gin (we used the Organic Blind Tiger gin)
  • Lemon soda (we used Strangelove Organic Lemon Squash)


  1. Add ice to your glass
  2. Using a mandolin, slice your cucumber lengthways and line the outside of your glass with 2-4 cucumber slices.
  3. Pour in the gin to your glass
  4. Top with lemon soda
  5. Stir gently with a cocktail spoon
  6. Garnish with a lemon slice


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