Photo by Evan Bailey via Sophie & Ed’s Adelaide Urban Industrial Wedding

So even though our restrictions across Australia and New Zealand are slowly lifting, freedom is not what what it was in 2019. And as a bride or groom planning a wedding right now? Well, it looks a little different.

Frustrating as it is, there are actually plenty of ways you can continue to plan your wedding while making the most of the four walls of your house. And today? We’re diving into them all to inspire you!

Get organised

Get yourself organised! Kick off an amazing spreadsheet and enter your guests’ details. Itemise out your vendor details, sort out your contracts, check your payments are up to date, add dates to your calendar. Now is the best time you can have to plan our the lead up to your wedding and make sure you’re not running around a month before your day trying to find Aunt Martha’s address.

Get inspired

Oh hey you Pinterest addict, I see you. Not quite sure where to start with your wedding, why not get your inspiration on?

Meet your vendors

Get researching because there are so many ways to meet your vendors virtually, Chat with them over Zoom (BYO background) order cake tasters to be delivered to your home, scour the web for the wedding photographer of your dreams. It may look a little different to doing it all in person, but the quiet, the space is there and vendors are coming up with innovative new ideas to get to know them over the web each and every day,

Photo by  Amy Skinner Photography via Old Meets New Sea Green & White Wedding Inspiration

Meet your cinematographers

We’re giving a shout out to finding your cinematographer during the lockdown, because in our opinion? There is no better research than sitting at home under your warmest blanket watching wedding videos (which to be honest, sounds like my normal Friday night).

Meet your music-makers

You may not be able to get to live showcase nights, but you can certainly turn up Youtube and Vimeo to their limits and dance around your living room. Hit up potential bands, DJs and live musicians websites and social media accounts and hit play on their showcase videos. And I’d say, if a band can make you dance in your socks and pyjamas from your couch while the temperature is freezing, they’re a pretty good option for your wedding!

Pick your songs & create your playlist

Even if you’re using a DJ and band for your reception, you’re still going to need playlists for your day. Think about the music you want playing as you get ready, Think about the tunes you want played as the guests wait for you to walk down the aisle, the song you want to play as you walk down the aisle, and back again after you’re married, and the tunes during dinner and then the dance floor.

Go on a tour!

It’s especially hard right now to see your wedding venue in person, but check in with the teams to see if they’re doing virtual tours. You can easily see all the nooks and crannies of a space if your event team joins you on Facetime and gives you your own personal guided tour.

Photo by Zach Taylor via Thea & Jesse’s Sparkly & Bright Perth City Farm Wedding

Find your wedding dress & suits

We talked about finding inspiration, but that counts too for wedding gowns and wedding suits! Let your fingers do the walking and narrow down the options of where you’d like to go to try your dream look on. Get to know the designers you love, get to know who makes the kind of gowns and suits you adore and spend your time looking at pretty.

Shop for your accessories

While some of your wedding plans can only be done in person, now is a brilliant time to go shopping for all the in-between. Earrings are easily found online, shoes too. Bridesmaid gowns? Check. (It’s a great time to check in with your maids and discuss styles and colours – virtually – before you order them!) Think of all those little pieces, the little accessories and start your search online!

Time to dance!

Dreaming of a quirky first dance? Dreading it but want to do it anyway? Why not spend your evenings at home learning to dance? Crank up your wedding song and take to your stage (aka lounge room!) Some of our favourite wedding dance companies are even offering virtual lessons.

Get your DIY sorted

I was talking to a bride last week who had decided, now that she is home, and her family and friends are home, what better time to get those DIY projects done? And I have to agree, this is a brilliant way to fill your time. You can snuggle down with your ugg boots and a glass of wine and churn out those handmade favours you’ve dreamt of.

Photo by AM For Love Studio via  Sarah & Mathew’s Offbeat & Bright Bayside Wedding

Dream up your vows

The quiet, the still is the best place you can sit in to write your wedding vows. If you want to write your vows, take the time now, when there is no distraction, to start drafting what you want to say. Spend time really thinking about it.

Let’s talk speeches

And just like vows, the quiet space you have right now is also a great time to write a speech if you want to give one. Bear in mind, none of this has to be the final version, but is a lot easier when you have the time to make sure you have the foundations in place.

Photo by Folklore Weddings via  Candice & Michael’s Vibrant + Relaxed Forest Wedding At Donnelly River Village

Set up a wedding website

We’re big fans of wedding websites because they pull together all that tiny detail information that you often can’t fit onto an invitation. There are thousands of options (and more power to you if you can code yourself!) Squarespace is a go-to recommendation of ours because it’s full of beautiful layouts that are easy to customise yourself.

Set up your registry

If a gift list is your thing, now is a good time to shop for it! Many retailers have systems in place that allow you to register for gifts virtually. Or you can find options like Thankful Registry to register from a range of online stores and collate it in one place.