Impressing your relatives is important at your wedding. You want it to be the best day ever and the last thing you want is for the cake to let it all down. Not only do you want something that is going to impress aesthetically, but you also need it to taste amazing!

Here is a little guide of what to think about when organising a vegan wedding cake.

1. The Baker

Choose someone who is an expert in the area. Everyone’s Nana can make a cake, but can they make a cake that is going to have visual impact, be delicious AND structurally sound enough to last an afternoon on display in the heat? Probably not. But if so, send them my number, I want to give them a job!

Choose a vegan baker who knows exactly how to push the boundaries of style and flavour, and is willing to consult with you personally to guide your choice so it is perfect for your day. It’s 2019 people, there is no reason you have to compromise on style or flavour because you’ve chosen a vegan cake!

It can also be a good idea to let the baker/decorator have some freedom in the design. They know what will and won’t work from in a practical sense and how to interpret your styling ideas successfully. So trust them if they make some suggestions and don’t try to force them into something they have told you is a bad idea!

2. The Flavour

Choose something WOW! It may be tempting to go for a crowd pleaser but we want your guests to think “OMG, this can’t be vegan!” Some of the flavours at Tidbit that are most poplar for weddings are “Cookie Dough” – layers of rich chocolate cake filled with raw choc chip cookie dough and covered in raw cacao frosting and “Orange and Raspberry” – a super moist orange-zest cake, filled with tart raspberry curd and covered in orange frosting.

Be creative with your flavour choice and have some fun!

3. Think about allergies

So the cake is vegan, but can it also be gluten free and nut free? Ask your baker if they can design a cake to be suitable for all guests. That way you don’t have to run around the city trying to source multiple dessert options for your guests.

4. Transport

Vegan cakes, like all cakes, can be temperamental. Especially in the warmer parts of the year! They should be handled with care by someone who knows what they are doing. It’s a good idea to pay for delivery and leave yourself stress free on your big day.

5. Style

There are millions of options when it comes to choosing a style or inspiration for your cake. Rustic, minimal, classic, classy, the list goes on. Choose a baker that specialises in a style that you like. Scour their insta and website and see if their aesthetic is going to fit with your day. You also need to listen to your baker when it comes to the finish of your cake, buttercream is not going to work in a glass topped tent in 30 degree heat on display for 6 hours. So, with help from your baker/decorator choose another delicious alternative like chocolate ganache or fondant.

At the end of the day, being vegan doesn’t have mean you sacrifice when it comes to your dream wedding cake cake. You should do your research and find an awesome, passionate and creative cake decorator who can help you create your dream wedding cake without compromising on your moral or ethical stance. Wow the relatives with a cruelty free cake!

Ms Zebra Says: If you’re keen to follow the ethical and vegan cake path, why not try your hand at the Sticky Date Cake recipe from Tidbit Cakes! Promise you’ll love it – and you won’t know it’s vegan!
About Rhiannon, owner and head decorator of Tidbit Cakes: She has been creating stunning bespoke, vegan wedding and celebration cakes from their Richmond store for about 2 years. Rhiannon has been in the vegan pastry industry for close to 10 years so her knowledge of vegan baking is extensive. The idea behind the store was to create delicious and stunning vegan cakes that did not compromise on style or flavour.