Antje and Michael

There is a lot to love about Antje and Michael’s wedding – and that is to say, because it is the very simplest of weddings. A ceremony at home, a wander to the park for photographs, a spot of lunch, and an evening in the city – just the newlyweds. If you ever thought planning a wedding at home was your idea of perfection, then you’ll love this celebration. Captured so beautifully by Ine Andrea Ertvaag.

Michael tells us the tale of how he popped the question. “I had organised the ring from the same jeweller that did my parent’s engagement and wedding rings and had it hidden in a sock in a drawer for a week. I think she knew it was coming -I  was waiting for the right moment for days. Then, one night, we got home and the song we had once joked we were going to get married to (and did!) was playing. I joked “perhaps we should get married.” She said, “well you’ll need a ring for that, mister.” So I whipped it out, got my knee dirty and said: “well it’s a good thing I’ve got one.”

The bride found her dress quickly. Michael telling “We did it relatively low budget compared to some of our friends because we’ve been trying to save up for a business. One day Antje walked into a random dress shop and found her dress. She bought it on the spot.”

The groom wore a suit from (now closed) Godwin Charli, explaining “I got lucky on this one, Godwin Charli had a closing down sale I happened to walk by. They had the full get up from $1500 down to $250 and then I paid a bit extra to get it tailored. I wore a black tuxedo, white shirt and black bowtie.”

The couple originally wanted to elope, but the bride’s father didn’t want to miss walking her down the aisle. So at home, in their parent’s backyard, it was. Says the groom “My parents have a nice property so it was a great location for the few that we wanted to invite.”

For the processional, Michael remembers “We chose “Fortune’s Fool” by “Hiatus” and “Ms” by “Alt J”. Both are our long-time favourites.”

Jacklyn Cimino officiated the ceremony, Michael telling “We just wanted it to be harmonic and relaxed. We chose 20 people who were closest to us and who we knew would all get along great and kept everything very home-done. Mum had a Greek caterer make us fresh food from her garden and they did a stellar job and during the ceremony itself we had “On Love” by “Khalil Gibran” play, in addition to our own vows.”

Michael explains “Our mentor helped us write our own vows. They were to be powerful he instructed. And not necessarily something that is already existing within our relationship in purity, but something we were committing to create through daily corrections. Our vows, then, were to be transformative.

Antje committed, “I vow to nourish and nurture your heart and deliver to you all that is wise of a woman through my willingness to surrender myself to you. To create a powerful foundation in your life to enable you to be the man that you are to me and I will support you above myself because I know that you will support me above yourself. At all times I will be the love to live in love with you.”

Michael simply vowed, “To unconditionally make you feel beautiful and create the conditions for your security, protection and wellbeing. To do what must be done to transform me and elevate you and our family in doing so. And to be a man – certain, powerful, fluid in my stability so that you, a woman, may be stable in your fluidity.”

They’re not for everyone but they were perfect for us.”

After lunch it was onto photos, Michael noting “After the ceremony we had some pictures taken and then sat down for lunch. After a few hours, we had a nice room back at a hotel in the CBD so we left to enjoy what remained of the day in solitude. We’re very solitary people by nature so that suited us just fine.”

Of their photographer, Michael notes “Ine was great. We got along great from the start so it was easy to be relaxed. The post-production really gave it a vibe that suited us perfectly so we were very lucky.”

Michael remarks “We loved the union of families. The intimacy of the reception. Seeing a picture of Antje stressing just before she walked (she’s usually so well put together haha). The incorrigible generosity of our parents. And again, the vows.”

Guests enjoyed lunch catered by Grecian Kitchen. “Everything was delicious!!” says Michael.

Congratulations on your marriages Antje and Michael! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us! Thank you also to Ine Andrea Ertvaag for sharing today’s celebration with us!