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Thomas and Erin

Our love of music brought us together and continues to weave its way throughout our lives today. After a long distance romance, Tom proposed in the courtyard out the front of the bar where we first met in Sydney, with a stunning Art Deco ring. The next night we spent an enchanting evening under the stars, watching La Traviata on Sydney Harbour.

Family is everything to us and forms the foundation of our lives. We decided on a small, family wedding at a country destination. The reputation of the Lake House restaurant lured us to the picturesque town of Daylesford, where we fell in love with the silver birch trees by the lake.

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I found my Karen Willis Holmes dress pre-loved online. With the addition of some delicate cap sleeves, it became my dream dress. I gleaned so many ideas from Polka Dot Bride and found my hair and makeup artist Rebecca Paris, who was seamless in her professionalism and artistry. Wanting a natural and vintage look, she gently guided me towards a style befitting me. My exquisite pearl and diamond earrings were borrowed from my mum. My Brunomagli shoes were bought in Venice with the path to the lake in mind. At BHLDN I found my jeweled sash to match the autumn leaves and my delicate flower hair clip. For the evening chill, my cashmere shawl was serendipitously purchased during a family trip to Rajasthan. With only a few simple guidelines Denise Robinson created a work of art in my stunning seasonal bouquet.

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Tom’s suit and shoes were from Hugo Boss, shirt Rhodes and Beckett and his tie Prada, a gift from my travels in Rome.

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Hearing the first strums on the ukulele of my processional song, Sea of Love (Cat Power) took my breath away. I felt both my parents deserved the right to give me away, and as they walked me down the pebbled path and I saw Tom so handsome and proud beneath the silver birches, it was as though the weather had been orchestrated. The wind died down, the sun came out for the first time that day and the chill left the air. The light danced magically on the lake making the ripples gently glisten. It is a feeling almost beyond description, to look at someone and know that all of the love bursting from your heart is reflected back at you. My brother was my man-of-honor and Tom’s childhood best friend stood next to him. Our guests were our family with the surprise addition of my dearest friend, who flew all the way from Portland, Oregon to celebrate with us.

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In Jennis Kiellerup we found not only our celebrant, but also a friend for life. Our ceremony had everything, tears, laughter, joy, a blessing in Sanskrit from my brother and a family of ducks swimming by to wish us well.

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Our wedding rings were lovingly sourced from Keshett; mine a platinum art deco band from the 1920’s that matched my engagement ring.

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Later we drank champagne on the Lake House terrace and when the autumn air turned crisp we moved inside to the magnificent private cellar room that catered perfectly to our wedding party. Our photographer and dear friend was the brilliant Tiny Sparrows. Generous with her time and spirit, CC brought sincerity and humor while beautifully capturing the story of our day.

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We treated our family to a degustation dinner with matched wines. Around the long oak table everyone made toasts between our many delicious courses. Surrounded by walls of exquisite wines and candles our two families celebrated together. Our delicious strawberry champagne cake, adorned with exquisite flowers to match my bouquet was made by the exceptionally talented Lorraine of The Decorated Cake.

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  Our first dance as husband and wife was to Sweet Avenue (Jets to Brazil) and in that moment, I knew that for the rest of my life whatever challenges I faced, Tom would be by my side.

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The following day we had brunch with our family at Wombat Hill House, in the botanic gardens. That night soaking in a Treetop Mineral Spa we watched the sunset and reflected on our wedding day; magical and perfectly us. I remember most, the light on the lake, the love and laughter. The team at The Lake House made our wedding effortless. All of the artists we chose did sincere and magnificent work.

A week later we did it all over again in Adelaide at a cocktail party with our extended family and friends, but that’s a whole other story…


Ms Gingham says: What a perfectly beautiful Autumn wedding set in one of the most picturesque areas of Victoria! Congratulations Erin and Tom!

Erin says: “I am passionate about health and well being. I run marathons, scuba dive and ride bikes. I used to follow snowflakes around North America with my snowboard but traded that in to study and work in my home town of Adelaide, where the snow is a distant dream.”