When I found Homegrown and Handmade in an Etsy hunt, I had to stop myself from swooning. Gorgeous bunting (perfect for a vintage-styled wedding), delicious oils and conserves, and beautiful hand-sewn textile products: definitely one I had to share with you all! Kallista was kind enough to answer my questions about her delightful Etsy business and how she came to make what she does.

Love too Hot To Handle

What was your path to crafting handmade items?

Seeds were planted as a child watching over my mums shoulder as she sewed and cooked for us. My own work was born out of necessity – I have champagne taste on a beer budget so just had to make stuff. I started sewing my own soft furnishings after birth of my first child when we were renovating a 100 year old weatherboard cottage and had scaled back to one salary.

Where do you find inspiration?

Strangely, my textiles and gourmet styling work is very influenced by the classical clean lined, restrained work of Australian landscape designer Paul Bangay!! I’ve definitely appreciated the classical quiet serenity of Rachel Ashwell’s style (Shabby Chic) and more recently the richness and drama of UK’s Abigail Ahern. But I’d say mostly from magazines. My home is filled with ripped out pages stuck on walls. A spark may come then it morphs many times over into your own idea / version.

Blue White Bunting

What is the most common question you are asked by couples?

For my wedding products – its mostly about how far out to get started on my custom labelled wedding favours/bonbonnieres. We all need to feel a time line flowing nicely for wedding leadup planning. I take my role in contributing to the “calm” of wedding preparations very seriously. I keep clients informed and allow contingency time for a reship in the event something unexpected could happen. It never has.

What is your favourite colour palette?

For wedding pieces – palest champagne / creamy sepia followed by pastels & mint. It honours the classical tradition and focuses people into a warm, calm wedding state. So easy to style with and you can feature colour pops – even pops of white wove in as all white can feel a little harsh actually. For homewares I love blacks, white, cream, greys, emerald, gold, silver & fire engine red.


Do you have a favourite style of wedding (rustic, vintage, modern, classic etc)?

I would describe my personal fav as “rustic chic, homespun elegant with a vintage presence”. Although any look can be executed beautifully and should represent the couples vibe authentically for them to feel in “their happy place”

Share with us your top Etsy store pick!

OMG. Without a doubt it would be Pomp and Plumage from Canada. Exquisite boutonnieres and hair adornments etc made from feathers. We ordered a piece for everyone in my bridal party for our recent Sept 21st wedding just gone. They are breathtaking and priced amazingly well. I did nearly all my wedding shopping on Etsy including my ring, dress, my kids outfits etc etc.

What is your DIY advice for couples?

We just had our wedding at our farm on Sept 21st with a big hire marquee in our paddock and 4 smaller bought marquees for buffet / DJ etc. My tip be very careful buying wedding marquees online! Certainly the ones we bought tore at fabric to velcro joins when wind came up, blew away and were trashed just few hours before our reception, true!! Start preps months early and don’t be afraid to ask friends for help – engaging them brings your relationship closer and enhances their emotional investment / joy in your wedding.  Have a team for the final 36 hour pull together there’s a lot that can only be done right at the last minute.

Daisy Chain

What is the one tool you can’t do without?

iPhone. Who can’t ! Get the app LISTASTIC on your phone – you can share live lists with friends and co-manage your wedding “To Do” lists. As a mum of three little boys, olive farmer, running my online gourmet and textiles shops, making and shipping orders daily as well as managing longer term client projects – I have to be uber organised. We are renovating as well in the background so love this app to schedule my husband into gear. Organised = calm for me.


Favours and decorations all in one Etsy store – what’s not to love? Check out her complete range here.

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