Image by Memory Bank Photography

To begin, we tackled three items on our essential wedding checklist, the venue, celebrant and photographer. We shortlisted 3 venues. We researched celebrants. Started looking at ideas for invitations. And we emailed some photographers for quotes. We had 3 dates to choose from but were also completely flexible – whichever venue we decided on, we would work with what they had available in their diary.

Mark popped into one venue on his lunch break. No one came near him or acknowledged he was there, so that was scrapped from the list straight away. Another venue on our list told us we’d have to guarantee them 100 guests to “make it worth their while”.

The third venue was amazing from the get-go. The owner called me after receiving my email enquiry. We made a time to go and meet with her, she greeted us with a glass of wine each and the venue just felt ‘right’. It was inviting. It was warm. We were told anything was possible. Our event could be as big or as small as we wanted. AND it could be in November, but there was only 1 weekend left free. We took it. November 17th. The venue was overlooking the beach – not far actually, from where Mark had proposed. It was perfect.

We had a good feeling about the first celebrant we met with, so locked her in, then and there. The same thing happened with our photographer. She came to meet us at our house one evening. She was prepared to tailor a package for us, because we weren’t having a ‘traditional’ wedding. Sandy was just a real sweetheart who ‘got us’ and understood the types of photos we wanted to capture our special day. We booked her on the spot. Little did we know, we had also just welcomed a new friend into our life.

Suddenly, things on my ‘to-do’ list were being ticked off! The ball was rolling!

Ms Gingham says: It always gives me the heebie jeebies when I hear of vendors being so rude to couples. Well, I guess everything happens for a reason!

Kerrie says: “I am a radio journalist in my hometown of Adelaide. I love cups of tea, glasses of bubbles and precious time with those closest to me.”