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Khat & Austin

 Oh Brisbane, you do do colour so very very well. Colourful, spirited weddings like this make my heart sing because they’re so full of life, passion and soul! The whimsical, colourful details of Khat and Austin’s wedding day are enough to make me crave a burger (Pickles and mustard is my favourite if you’re buying).

Khat tells of how they met. “Austin says it was at a community blood drive and he noticed me giving blood while he was chasing another girl (some blonde girl) but we actually first talked at a party for a mutual friend. His friend was chatting to me so Austin came over and cut in.”

Photography today is by POP {photography} who has such a fresh, fun angle to her photography. She captured the happy nature of today’s wedding so beautifully!

Khat and Austin married in Brisbane’s LDS temple. Khat remarks, “Firstly, getting married for eternity in a place so significant to us was the most important thing. The moment Austin first saw me in my wedding dress (he had gone old school and refused to look at it before the wedding) is up there as special. There is no aisle in a Mormon temple, or music, so that part of the day was very simple and peaceful.”

The bridal party made an unexpected pit stop for lunch. Khat remembers “One of my favourite details at the wedding was the car we drove around in. My husband’s best friend has the biggest bomb of a car that I just love and he and some other friends dressed it up with ribbons and empty cans and a just married sign, it was the cutest thing ever. He drove us around all day. From the wedding, the bridal party all stopped at Grill’d for some food, I’m glad we could relax and spend time with our favourite people. It’s such a long day so having a chance to splurge and chill out really helped me not stress.”

For her wedding dress, Khat had a tea length gown made by  Carmel Wynck, a Brisbane ballet costume maker. Her bridesmaids wore sorbet coloured gowns from Asos.

Of their photographer, Khat says “The photographer, the amazing POP {photography} team are Adam and Julia Turner some friends of mine who are very cool and very talented. We love their style of photography and pretty much their whole life is a style guide for me. We like their style of being trendy without being annoying, romantic without being sickly.”

The floral arrangements on the day were created by Green and Bloom. Which added to the fun and colourful vibe of the day and complimented one of Khat’s very special accessories. She explains “I loved being able to wear gloves to my wedding. My mum wore gloves to hers 30 something years ago so I liked being able to follow that example.”

Topiaries at Beaumont held the reception for the couple, Khat telling, “Our reception venue was a place where Austin had worked as a teenager so he always pictured his wedding being there. It’s an old converted homestead so it felt very Australian and old world-y.”

“Everything at the wedding was made or bought. Anything hand-made or DIY came from Etsy as I have no talent myself. My mother altered the bridesmaids dresses so they wouldn’t be uncomfortably short. My mother and aunty did all the table dressings and centrepieces. They tied up and labelled the favours, and they put all the flowers into jars with the books I had brought in from my mother’s home. So there was DIY I just outsourced it.”

Kat loved “Being able to play the piano on my wedding day was special to me, I have played my whole life and I loved sharing that moment with my new husband.”

Of their first dance., Khat tells, “Our first dance was a struggle, neither of us is a good dancer so we picked a song we both love instead of a good dance number; The Shins, New Slang. I’m not sure any of our guests even realised we were dancing.”

Khat recalls some of the stories of the day. “My lovely new husband, planned our honeymoon to Rome all by himself which was very sweet. Unfortunately, he refused to spring for an extra couple of hundred dollars that would have allowed a reasonable departure time. As it was, we had to leave at 4 in the morning for our flight, after our wedding night, it was the worst. My favourite story from the day was the bouquet toss. My florist included a complimentary throw-away bouquet so I went ahead and threw it and the girl who caught it is a lesbian. I hope one day I will be able to go to her wedding!”

Congratulations on your marriage Khat and Austin! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to POP {photography} for sharing today’s images!