DIY Lace Napkin Rings Tutorial

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Ann-Kay Design


– Lace Trim

– Scissors

– Mod Podge

– Paintbrush

– Cardboard Tube

– Baking Paper

– Rubber Bands

– Pins



1. Cover the cardboard tube with baking paper and secure the paper with two rubber bands

2. Wrap the lace around the tube until it overlaps (1cm). Attach two pins to make sure the lace stays in place, then cut off the excess lace.

4. Apply Mod Podge and generously “paint” the lace until it is covered completely

5. Let dry in an upright position (4-5 hours)

6. Remove the pins and rubber bands, and slip the lace ring off the cardboard tube, along with the baking paper


7. Carefully push away the baking paper

And that’s it!

Aside from the drying time this is a super fast and easy DIY. Now make as many rings as you need, and depending on the length of your cardboard tube you can make more than one at a time.

Use the lace napkin rings solo or in combination with burlap, twine, ribbon or anything that comes to your mind.


Images by Ann-Kay Design

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