Andy & Josh

I love how today’s engagement photos are relaxed and beautiful with a retro twist! What a fun way to spend a day. Two Girls with a Camera ( Georgia and Morganna) captured the engagement of Andy & Josh and said, “Sometimes you’re faced with a couple so in love you just have to stand back and hope you can capture it in a photo. Josh and Andy were one of those couples. With their country wedding coming up in March we thought it would be fun to do an engagement shoot. When you are around these two they radiate fun and warmth with their infectious laughter. We decided to make the shoot a family affair with dogs Rambo and Bobbi making a cameo”

Josh and Andy tell their story. “Josh and Andy met through a mutual friend. He was away working in the country and Andy heard all about him before they even met, she knew he played beautiful guitar, painted lovely pictures and was smart like a boss. It was no surprise she fell for him once she saw those baby blues. They had dumplings on their first date.”

“Josh and Andy have two furry children, Bobby and Rambo, the pups, who they take everywhere with them. Jokingly nicknamed boofhead and pinhead the cheeky duo reign supreme over their household. It is lord of the flies and the chihuahua rules the roost.”

“Andy loves Josh’s quiet way, an old school gentleman of honest heart. She loves his blue eyes and that mop of curly hair. Josh loves Andy’s sense of humour, how she can go from being teary-eyed and sentimental to wise-cracking in the space of five minutes. She has moods like Melbourne’s weather and that’s ok with Josh.”

“Andy’s dad was cutting vegetables in the garden with a HUGE knife one Christmas when Josh thought it would be good timing to go and ask him for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Luckily her dad was delighted to say of course. Josh got down on bended knee and proposed with his grandmother’s ring. ”