These figurines on top of the cake represented where the couple shared their first kiss.

I strongly believe that a wedding should be a reflection of who the bride and groom are as a couple. It’s a day where friends and family gather to celebrate their journey thus far and the venture into their exciting future.

Yes, that sounds good in theory but in reality it may be hard to have the wedding of your dreams due to many issues not the least of these being family politics. Your family is bound to have an opinion on most things about your wedding including, but not limited to, who to invite, what colour the bridesmaids should wear and what types of invitations to have.

So what do you do? Have the wedding their way and not enjoy yourself on the day, or have the wedding your way and put up with endless comments and gossip from your family and friends? Of course, I would recommend compromising and finding ways of adding your personal touches to as many items as possible. This way you can ensure you stay true to who the both of you are. The wedding cake is often where couples will choose to express their personalities. Here are some of my more unique wedding cake requests.

Willy Wonka Wedding

This couple wanted a bit of fun so they went with a Willy Wonka themed cake.

Leopard Wedding Cake

The wedding colour was bright pink so this design fit in perfectly – I just loved that she dared to be so bold!

Occasionally I meet brides who feel that they should have a certain style of wedding cake because their friends/mum/cousin said they needed to. Your mum and sister may strongly believe in a traditional all white wedding cake, but if that is not you, then why put yourself through considering the design and posing with it for photographs? On the other hand, your family may be doing you a favour by talking you out of an all black wedding cake so that’s where the compromising comes in!

So as a compromise consider that there are many ways of creating a traditional looking cake but adding twists of colour or little modern designs into it. That’s what your cake decorator is for. As a cake decorator, I don’t expect my clients to have an exact design in mind (that takes out all the fun for me!) but I do at least expect that they have an idea of what they like and don’t like and the general look of the cake; will it be big and grand or small and minimalist?

Dentist Wedding

Angela and David’s wedding cake. Angela said “We had an absolutely delicious and moist polka dot 2 tier round cake, with 2 bunny dentists brushing a tooth, top layer red velvet, and bottom mud cake.” The full wedding was also featured on Polka Dot Bride.

My advice when deciding on your wedding cake:

Make sure you have ironed out the details before your appointment.

Nothing is worse than meeting with a couple who has not decided on their colour, venue, guests numbers, design style or have not even discussed with each other what they’d like on the cake. It leaves me virtually nothing to work with.

Make sure you know what you like and don’t like and then make sure you tell your decorator!

What excites me the most, is meeting a couple who are willing to go outside the box. Who want their cake to really represent them as individuals and as a couple. This can be done through specific flowers, interesting flavours, bold colours, quirky shapes or unique figurines. Anything is possible really, if you can dream it, most decorators would be able to make it, taking into account the laws of gravity of course.

The wedding cake is the feature of your reception and your guests will look for it when they enter the room. Plus, the cake cutting ceremony is the first action the bride and groom will perform as a married couple. So make your cake stands out, and ensure that it’s memorable and a reflection of yourselves. Remember that after all, this is YOUR wedding and although you have to consider the feelings of your friends and family, they are ultimately there to support and celebrate the both of you … and your cake!

Wedding Figurines

This couple requested that all their hobbies get included on the cake.

Photography by Sharon Wee Creations

Ms Gingham says: I love everything about cakes. I love that you can express the personalities of the people celebrating through them in so many ways. As a decorator (both amateur and professional) you can use your creativity to bring joy to those around you! Most of all though, I love eating cakes and in this I’m sure I’m not alone!

About Sharon Wee Creations: Years ago, after discovering a passion for baking and cake decorating, Sharon started out by making cakes and cupcakes for her friends and family. Her belief is that any edible creation should taste as good as it looks and should be remembered long after it has been consumed. After being encouraged by her friends and family to sell her creations, Sharon Wee Creations was born. Sharon specialises in creating custom designed edible goodies and loves experimenting with new flavours and designs. Now, years later, her creations have been on TV, in magazines and on the radio. She enjoys creating figurines, teaching and is constantly thinking of new cake designs in her head. In her spare time, you’ll find her visiting patisseries, dreaming of holiday destinations, cooking up a new dessert recipe or playing volleyball.