A most beautiful green with a hint of blue, rich and vibrant, and fresh as a shady tree on a hot summer’s day.

Combine with black and white

–       pebble colours and ivory

–       purples and lavenders and touches of purple blue

–       green-y citrus yellow and deep blue green

–       deep teal, mid teal and touches of slate blue

–       cream, sand and white

–       blues – navy or sky blue or use touches of both

–       deep pink red, pale green and cream

–       True greys or browns will dull the vibrancy of this colour

–       Copper, silver, pewter, black iron work, zinc

–       Satin, silk or velvet to add to emerald’s lustrous look, sari fabrics

–       Black, silver or pewter simple chandeliers strung with strands of emerald green beads

–       Gemstones such as emeralds, tourmalines, peridots

–       Ornate green, gold patterned silk table cloths with touches (only) of coral orange in fringing, tassels, or coral orange lanterns hung from trees or the ceiling, gold silk napkins secured with a green tie, green crockery, gold edged glassware

–       Green-y yellow orchids, rusted lanterns, ferns, moss, bird’s nests, bird cages, tablecloths in emerald edged in deep blue green, emerald glassware, yellow green and deep blue green candles on rusted candelabras, a shady glade with big European trees, seating dotted about, music wafting on the breeze, a pond, rustic stonework

–       Emerald green shoes, beading, crystal and emerald beaded hairpieces

–       Parrot tulips, green chrysanthemums, green fruit, green and black privet berries, green peppercorn berries, orchids, roses, fern fronds

–       An all white/cream setting with touches of emerald green. Over cloths could be cream embroidered sheer fabric such organza over white cloths, white crockery, green water glasses, glass vases filled with green and cream flowers, green fresh flowers on a white cake, white candles, white paper ware with green writing, bridesmaids in cream or emerald with emerald green shoes, beading or sashes, the bride in white with an emerald sash and shoes, black suits for the men, crystals or pearls

–       Vintage silver, cut glass containers, green depression glass, vibrant green ceramic containers, wrought iron,  rusted metal, moss covered pots

–       Champagne or sparkling wine bottles on ice in a silver ice bucket, a green signature cocktail personalised just for you, black Russian caviar and all the trimmings, oysters in the half shell on a bed of ice – think elegance and refinement

–       A white, black and green lolly bar, provide white paper bags stencilled in emerald green to match your wedding motif


Keira Knightley in Atonement from Ninemsn, Lysse Cocktail Glass in Emerald Green from CrystALaCarte, Kenneth Jay Lane Emerald Green Earrings via Bag, Borrow or Steal, greenery draped footbridge from Brides,