Only Organisers Organise Events with Opulence and Oomph. This brings a sense of Occasion to the event!


I’m going to cheat slightly on this letter and re-post an entry I did last year on the best organisers for your wedding. A wedding organiser can be a great aid in planning your big day!

A common gift for an engagement is a wedding planner- I’m talking the ‘hard covered fill in the blanks’ kind! No more do you have to suffer the lacy doily look with the great planners out now!

There’s the usual Martha Stewart planners, and ones from the famed US Bridal site theknot.com but I found some ones you might like for their unique (and in most cases Australian) style!

So here is the (short for now!) list – go forth and plan!

#1 The Harry and the Princess Wedding Planner
Lovable Bits

  • It’s pink
  • It has pockets for all your receipts and pictures and various bits ,
  • 11 jam packed sections, from a master contact list to bridesmaids details
  • It’s filled with gorgeous illustrations
  • It’s a 3 ring binder which means you can add and remove bits as you please
  • Filled with handy little tips by the Harry and the Princess girls

The Harry and The Princess Wedding Planner is $49.95 and available from bookstores or online at Bridal Survival.

#2 Kikki.K My Wedding Planner

Lovable Bits

  • Stylish white- it’ll definitely suit your orange and lime wedding theme! (and any other theme for that matter!)
  • Sturdy plastic folder with tabs and pockets- no risk of tears!
  • Three ring binder so you can add and remove what you want
  • Eight sections for all your information
  • Covered in funky drawings and a cute pink love heart

The Kikki.K My Wedding planner is $39.95 and is available in store at Kikki.K or online at Kikki.K

#3 Smythson Wedding Planner

Lovable bits

  • Choice of fuchsia with silver, blue (nile edges blue) with silver and emerald green with gold.
  • Beautiful lambskin leather cover
  • Can be personalised with your name
  • Small enough to be carried around in your bag, but big enough for all your details
  • Eight tabbed sections

The Smythson Wedding Planner is available in the UK at Smythson stores- for Aussies you can buy it from their website, for 42 pounds (which today equates to $90 plus postage)

#4 Majstro Wedding Planner Kit & Organiser

Lovable Bits

  • Lots of information written by a wedding coordinator
  • Inbuilt calculator and pen
  • 36 Dividers- ensuring every little detail is covered
  • Notebook
  • Free E-books

The Majstro Wedding Planner is $349.99 and is available from Majstro Wedding Coordinators

These are just some of the huge array of wedding planners on the market today!

What’s your favourite wedding planner?