Abbey is less than a few weeks out from her wedding date (last time I wrote how much time she has left I got a very panicked email in my inbox!) Abbey is well on her way to walking down the aisle!

Straying from her original country wedding theme she picked up some ‘mango’ coloured bridesmaids dresses, she’s ordered her ring cushion and has decided to ask for money for the new carport instead of gifts- so the gift box is also ordered. Favours will be cookies wrapped in bags with raffia. She’s got her candles and table centrepieces and is almost at the stage of just having the last minute details to take care of.

Unfortunately this is the time family and strange guests can rear their ugly head and Abbey is finding that difficult to deal with! Guests pulling out of doing parts of the wedding (poor Abbey needs to find a hairdresser!) and guests making crazy requests!

Breathe in, Breathe Out. Only a little while to go Abbey!