My friend Abbey is getting married next year and admits to being a bit clueless- as she said to me today ‘it’s my first wedding!’ the talk of circular veil with gathers, the photography packages, the choices of venues appears to be driving her a bit nutty.

So Abbey agreed to be part of Polka Dot Bride by becoming our featured bride – all her questions will become part of our blog and you’ll be able to follow her journey 🙂

Abbey lives with her fiance near Adelaide (the city of churches!) Abbey’s first decision is to pick a venue or date.

For a wedding it’s a good idea to pick a date away from major events like festivals or conferences that might book out the hotel rooms in the area and send the prices sky high- which means interstate guests will find it hard!.

You may also find the perfect venue which may only be available on certain dates- hence having to work around the venue.

Either way your venues are the ‘foundation’ on your event. These are the things which book out early, set the tone for your whole event and determine a lot of follow on aspects- guest numbers, decorations, invitation style, dress style.