Nestled among Australia’s salt farms, Chosen by KYHA’s latest collection “Sur le Sel” embodies the ethereal beauty of this lunar landscape. Literally translating to “On Salt”, the collection captures the essence of this crystalline realm, gracefully mirroring moon-like salt dunes with celestial elegance. Each piece, meticulously crafted by KYHA Studios, pays homage to glistening salt crystals with a theme of soft whimsical draping.

Under Emily Abay‘s lens and with Matty Patek‘s assistance, model Aweng Malou brings the collection to life, creating a visual masterpiece that transcends fashion. Candice September‘s artistry adds a final touch of enchantment.
As you embark on this journey at Murray River Salt, envision yourself transported to a realm where the boundaries between Earth and the heavens blur into an intoxicating dance of textures, silhouettes and luminescence.

The talented Kilogram captured this stunning shoot.