Latoya and Alana created their dream country elopement by holding it in the perfect place for them (Rivoli Farm), having only their children and best friends present, and including horses! They loved that their special day was no stress, no one else’s expectations, no one else’s input or opinions and that the entire experience was all about them. You can absolutely see that in the stunning photography by Rawn & Pallow Photography and video by Fiddle Fig Films – they’re relaxed, they’re happy and there is so much love. Definite elopements goals!

Before we dive into this gorgeous elopement, let’s get to know the couple! Latoya and Alana first met at their local pub, had lots of stolen glances over the pool table and started messaging each other the next day. They haven’t stopped talking since! After a bit of chasing and meeting up, they eventually moved past their barriers and social pressures and decided to just enjoy each other’s company.

And when it came time to propose? Alana popped the question at home one night after work. “Alana smoothly departed for a bathroom break and upon her return ‘our song’ came on,” says Latoya. “She walked straight up to me, dropped to one knee and asked me. Naturally I said yes!” Alana hadn’t realised that Latoya had designed a ring for her six weeks earlier. “I was dirty she beat me to it, but my ring hadn’t arrived yet. When it did, I waited a couple of months, we took some time off work and went camping at Rainbow Beach. Alone on the quiet beach at night with a beer under the blue moon, I popped the question to her with a light up ring box and all (thanks to Jason Withers for the beautiful custom design). Naturally she said yes!”

On their wedding day, getting ready was a very special time for the couple and their children. “It was beautiful to have my daughter help me get ready, and Alana getting the boys ready,” says Latoya.

Latoya and Alana chose natural and dried flowers that they later framed and featured on their wall at home, so they could keep them for years to come. They say their flowers were a perfect delicate touch made by Little Pampas House.

Michelle (a.k.a. The Wild Hitcher) was the celebrant on the day, which was extra special as she is also Alana’s best friend.

The couple knew Rivoli Farm in Allora was the right place for them to marry, with its award-winning gardens that feature both classic roses and beautiful native Australian varieties. “It has that perfect mix of historical classic country charm and suited us as a couple perfectly,” says Latoya. “Two women who are feminine yet have our own rustic attributes. Having horses involved was a must as we also breed horses on our own hobby farm based south of Brisbane. For our wedding we went more rural – where we one day hope to live.”

Latoya waited at the altar for Alana to arrive by carriage. When she did, their children (Leon, Maia, Archie and Paddy) who were their wedding party, walked up to ‘Better Together’ by Jack Johnson, then Alana walked up to ‘Wedding Song’ by Angus and Julia Stone.

Latoya and Alana’s dresses were a surprise that they kept from each other until walking down the aisle. “We both ordered them online, both fit great!” says Latoya. “Neither of us knew what colour or style each had picked. Our best mate we call ‘House Husband’ who was living with us gave them both a look over and assured us they would look good together and suited our country style. We trusted him a lot!”

“I was very happy and a little nervous,” says Latoya about the ceremony. “I pulled my own vows from my head as every time I tried to write them I turned into a blubbering mess. Alana wrote hers and they were very wholesome and beautiful.”

Alana wore her belated dad’s ring as it was important to her that he be present in some form.

They walked back up the aisle to John Buttler Trio’s ‘Losing You’.

Behind the camera capturing all the lovely moments was Isaac of Rawn & Pallow Photography, who the couple say is the is the coolest and nicest guy going! “He always has a smile on his face, he can relate to you easily and by the end of the day he was apart of our family.”

The couple danced in the horse paddock as the sun set around them. If they had a reception, Latoya says they would have danced to ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ by Postmodern Jukebox.

Something they really loved about their day? Each having their best friend present. “Sean was heavily involved in bouncing ideas off of, helping the children get ready and supporting us,” says Latoya. “And Michelle (The Wild Hitcher) who is Alana’s best friend was our celebrant. It was imperative that our best friends participated in our wedding given none of our family knew what we were doing.”

Latoya and Alana had Fiddle Fig Films as their cinematographer and they created the stunning film below.

Their advice for soon to be marrieds? Do what makes you happy and don’t let family or other people influence your plans as it’s your wedding and your happiness.

Thank you so much for sharing your incredibly beautiful elopement with us, Latoya and Alana! We are honoured. We’re also thrilled that your day was happy, relaxed and just as you wanted. Thank you also to Rawn & Pallow Photography and Fiddle Fig Films for sharing their amazing imagery and footage.