If you’re planning your ceremony, and love details, don’t forget to whip up some gorgeous reserved seating signage! Using a gold triangle wreath (thanks, Kmart!), we’ve created this Reserved Seating Signage DIY Tutorial For Your Wedding Ceremony so that you can be sure the VIPs aren’t left hanging.

What You Will Need

  • Golden triangle wreath (you can use any shaped wreath base, or even fashion your own!)
  • Hardy foliage that won’t wilt – we’ve used grevillea and banksia
  • Printed signage
  • Ribbon, double-sided tape, scissors

Step One

Fold over the top of the printed signage, so there’s a lip that can be stuck down with double-sided tape. Trim the same amount as the fold off the bottom of the card, so that your wording is centred. Using double-sided tape, secure the signage to the golden wreath, and press firmly.

Step Two

Using ribbon in your colour scheme, tie the two triangles together at the top, leaving plenty trailing for a romantic feel. Using a thin ribbon, attach pieces of hardy foliage to the wreath, and tie securely. Depending on the chairs being used, either hook the wreath over the top of the chair or secure on with ribbon.