Making a rustic Polaroid display station has never been easier! I firmly believe wreaths are for all year round, and this pallet-based stand is the perfect backdrop for these eucalyptus-bound beauties. Use mini pegs to attach the pictures to the leaves, and have some fun styling up a storm!

What You Will Need

  • Pallet or sturdy wooden structure (something like a vintage ladder would look gorgeous too)
  • Wreath bases (you can twist these yourself from mulberry branches, vines or berry branches)
  • Polaroid camera, extra film, mini pegs
  • Foliage

Step One

Ensure your foliage is well hydrated, by cutting the stem up the way and placing in cool water for several hours before use. Grab together all the bits and pieces you need (you can easily style this to suit your theme), like native branches, eucalyptus leaves and wreath bases. Other options include bud vases, signage, bunting, or large branches to make a ‘tree’ to peg pictures onto.

Step Two

Begin by decorating your wreaths, using fresh native foliage. Ensure the foliage is well secured, as this will be where the Polaroid pictures are hung. It’s easier to create this type of display on site, so double check to see if that’s possible. If it’s not, have a practice run at home, so you know exactly where each item will be placed when it’s go time.

Step Three 

When placing items onto the pallet, start with the largest items first. Find a good spot for the camera, extra film, and pegs, and hang a few pictures onto the leaves to show guests what to do. After the wedding, collect up the pictures to frame, and hold onto the wreath. The leaves will dry beautifully, and you’ve got a lovely keepsake to treasure from your big day!