The wedding ceremony is where a marriage officially starts. It’s where it breathes life, it’s where it takes shape. A ceremony is where two people declare their love for each other, chosen promises, vows, and aspirations together. This is where you celebrate your commitment together and, for me (Serge from DJ:Plus! Entertainment), is the most special part of a wedding. Couples understand that music at the wedding ceremony can enhance the mood, express the emotion of the moment, compliment the style of the occasion, and can help set the tone for the type of reception celebration that is to follow.

Once upon a time, most couples selected either a string ensemble or live musician/s to provide the soundtrack to, and entertain guests during the wedding ceremony. These days, it is not uncommon for the DJ who has been secured for the reception, to also provide music for the ceremony. There are many benefits of utilising the services of a DJ for your wedding ceremony.

Image of Angel & Dom’s Relaxed Cairns Wedding by Tulieve Photography 


Every aspect from the prelude, processional, signing, special moments, and the recessional can be enhanced with authentic versions of the songs, so that you hear the songs the exact way the original artist performed it, or if desired, by unique and interesting cover versions.

Image of Emily & Mitch’s Fun, Rustic & Revved Up Wedding in Bathurst by Danni Evans Photography

The choice is seemingly endless and given adequate notice, a DJ can easily ensure that it is in their music library for your wedding. A talented creative DJ can also edit songs to create a unique and personalised version just for your wedding or even overlay a heartfelt message to enhance a special moment.

For example, Emily & Mitchell’s ceremony had a tribute to mum by PixFlix Productions


A DJ can provide separate professional-grade, audio and amplification equipment, wireless microphones and battery powered options if required. Why would you have a DJ provide the sound system when celebrants usually provide one? you ask! It is rare to find a celebrant who is also an audio technician and, it has been my experience, that most opt for an all in one system. These systems will certainly do the job, however, they generally restrict options for flexibility and are not always of optimal quality.

Image of Rochelle & Barry’s Glam Black & White Sydney CBD Wedding by Matt Ashton Photography

The DJ who understands great audio will have separate components which not only delivers crystal clear sound, so that everyone can hear the celebrant and your vows, but also gives additional flexibility to patch in musicians and output a feed from the microphones for the videographer if needed. Should a satellite or remote speaker be required, this can also be provided to ensure adequate sound coverage.


If your ceremony location is restricted in available space, a DJ will require less space and occupy a smaller footprint than many other ceremony music options. Also with wireless options becoming more available, the DJ can easily be set up away from the ceremony location (100 -300 meters depending on the location), avoiding inadvertently becoming an “eyesore” in the background at the ceremony and in the photographs.

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Less Stress

Having an audio and music expert at the helm for your ceremony will provide assurance that the likelihood of any glitches is substantially removed. In addition, your DJ can meet with you multiple times prior to the wedding to go over all the details and contact any other related providers such as the ceremony location, celebrant, videographer, and photographer in advance so that everybody is on the same page, everything can be heard, the music and special touches are timed perfectly and flows beautifully. Accordingly, you can relax, be in the moment and enjoy your wedding ceremony with your family and friends.

Image of Ash & Jess’ Sweet & Casual Micro Wedding by The Hogans Photography

The only con with having a wedding ceremony DJ is that unfortunately, not all DJs are created equally. This means you will need to put in a little effort prior to booking one for your ceremony to ascertain that they actually have the skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver a flawless ceremony experience.

Ask them questions such as:

  • Where they will set up? Ideally, it will not be where they will be captured in every photograph, but somewhere discreet such as a little distance away, to the side of the ceremony location. This will also allow for the even spread of audio.
  • How will they capture the audio from the vows? Will they just rely on the celebrant holding the microphone in front of the couple, or will they capture it with a separate discreet microphone or if this is not possible, do they suggest ways in which the handheld microphone can be positioned so as not to feature as an obstruction in all the photographs?
  • It is also a good idea to ask them to describe the entire wedding ceremony process they undertake, both in the lead up to the wedding and on the day. This will allow you to determine whether the DJ truly cares and understands the importance of the wedding ceremony and whether they are committed to helping you make it special.

To conclude, the reality is that there are pros and cons with any wedding ceremony music options, however, a DJ will offer the most flexibility and be most likely to cater to an almost endless range of musical tastes plus have the flexibility to deliver complimentary services which can elevate your “I Do” moment to a whole new level!

Image of Lydia & Matt’s Bright, Fun & Colourful Forest Wedding by Lovegood Images

About DJ:Plus! Entertainment: DJ:Plus! Entertainment is a premium, boutique-style, wedding DJ & wedding MC entertainment service, designed to offer creative planning to make a wedding so much more personal, engaging and meaningful, resulting in an original celebration that totally represents each couple and is heaps of FUN.