When Jeff and Sig were forced to postpone their original wedding date thanks to COVID-19, they made the pledge to each other that when they could, they would celebrate in style with their favourite people. And when December 2020 rolled around, they honoured their promise, hosting an elegant, romantic wedding in the pub at the end of their street, surrounded by family, friends and all the love in the world.

It’s a stunner of a day, captured beautifully by Kylie Knight – for a couple who met at uni. They share “We met when we were uni students – we were housemates and friends. Sigourney moved into the house where Jeff was living, and they hit it off straight away – getting together just a couple of months later.” And just as they have both sat down to share today’s story together, it turns out, they this isn’t the story of just one proposal- it’s the story of two! “We both proposed! Jeff proposed first by a lake at a winery in Tasmania on our 5 year anniversary. Sigourney then proposed to Jeff about a month later at his 30th birthday party with friends and family around.”

The couple prepared for the big day together,  “We loved having an unrushed morning. We just hung out together till 12, we went for a walk and did yoga.” Sigourney wearing a second hand gown, the groom donning a burgundy suit. “Jeff had always imagined wearing a burgundy suit at his wedding (Sigourney planted the idea many years earlier)” laugh the pair.

The only flowers, were a bouquet and a boutonniere, styled by Flowers Vasette. The bride noting  “I wanted something understated, classic but deeply emotional. We went with caramel roses and smokebush. I wanted a small bouquet that wasn’t heavy – I got ‘flower girl’ size!”

Of their photographer, Sig and Jeff note “Kylie was very calm, understanding and professional. We were completely at ease with her throughout the day and loved the documentary style of her photography. We barely noticed her taking photos, but she was always in the right spot at the right time.”

The couple didn’t want a wedding party. “All our guests were part of the party! We didn’t have bridesmaids or groomsmen, instead we each had a special person help us out throughout the day – they wore what they felt most comfortable in!”

The couple chose The Post Office Hotel for their wedding venue, explaining “It’s at the end of our street and a great causal pub, with an excellent function room! It was also important to us to keep our wedding local – it was nice to spend our special day in places that were meaningful to us and felt like an extension of home. The Post Office Hotel had a Bijou Wedding package and thankfully they did most of the hard work.”

Sig and Jeff walked into their wedding together, hand in hand, to “The Ship Song” by Nick Cave performed live by Sigourney’s cousin.

“We wanted it to feel intimate and honest” tell the pair of their ceremony, which was officiated by Brigitte Stanton. “Both of us hand wrote and read our vows. Sigourney read a poem she had written Jeff. Jeff’s mum was the celebrant. We all laughed, we cried and felt very close to each other and all our friends and family.”

“One of our favourite memories is reading each other heartfelt vows we’d written that spoke to how much we treasure our relationship.”

“We just enjoyed the day wholeheartedly and being present! We were so grateful after so many changes of plans (2020!) to finally get married.”

The couple made their dance floor debut to “Perfect Symphony” by Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli. “We choreographed our first dance in our lounge room and then sought out a dance teacher to help us refine it. We’re studying Italian together and both love Andrea Bocelli.”

“We loved spending the whole day together, from getting ready together, doing photos and walking down the aisle with each other.”

And the night had only just begun. “Sigourney’s cousin Michael performed an impromptu song at the end of his speech and got us to back up on the dancefloor for a ‘second dance’ it was uncoordinated but lots of fun!”

And hello, because we can’t get enough of these two, we’re delighted to share their wedding on film captured by Tom O’Hehir.

A big congratulations to you both Sig & Jeff! Thank you for sharing your stories with us. Thanks also go to Kylie Knight for sharing today’s beautiful celebration.