If your wedding is just around the corner and you already feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities and the crazy wedding suit hunt, this article will be your savior. You want to be looking for a wedding suit that’s comfortable, elegant, and stylish (all at once). One that makes you stand out of the crowd and look amazing on your special day. Looking for the perfect outfit can be extremely tiring and stressful, so in order to eliminate that stress from your life, we have prepared “Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Wedding Suit” from the team at Lethato! This article will cover all the important information and suit ideas you need to know. By following these tips, you’ll be able to put together an impeccable outfit for your special day.

Image: E.L Simpson Photography from Ash & Mark’s Modern & Fun Brisbane Wedding

How to Choose Your Wedding Suit?

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to choosing that perfect suit, and here are some tips that will help you pick the best wedding suit according to your needs and preferences.

Make Your Own Statement

Choose a suit that compliments your partner’s outfit, and make sure it doesn’t completely blend with the colour or style of your wedding party attire. Make sure you stand out of the crowd!

Book a Trusted Tailor For That Perfect Fit

If you’re planning to go with a perfectly fitted tailored suit, make sure you pick an experienced tailor. When it comes to tailored suits, the selection of the tailor is a crucial part of the process as he/she can make or break the look. You can choose all the major details like color, fabric, and accessories, but the tailor is solely responsible for the perfect fit and the finished good. So, choose wisely.

Order your wedding suit early

It is definitely advised that you order your suit at least 2 months prior to the event so that there’s enough time left to make any last-minute fittings if necessary.

Go For a Classic Piece

Investing in a good suit can be a little overwhelming for some people. It can easily seem expensive to some, but think of it this way – it’s an expense you’ll do once in your lifetime. Thus, rather than going for those high-end suits that’ll probably fade away with changing fashion trends, opt for a timeless classic piece that you can wear for many more coming years. You can never go wrong with the basics – a black-tie wedding suit, a white shirt along with a tie, and black shoes. This combination is a life savior.

What Should You Choose – A Wedding Suit or A Tuxedo?

This is the most common dilemma we come across – “should I wear a suit or a tuxedo?” Well, the choice is completely yours. You can wear any of the two based on your preferences and the theme of the wedding.

Tuxedos can give you a more formal look and are a great option for evening weddings. Suits, on the other hand, are kind of semi-formal or casual (depending on your styling) and go well with a daytime wedding.

A noticeable difference between a tuxedo and a suit is that the former provides a more elite and stylish look. It usually consists of details like lapels, buttons, or stripes on the trousers, all made of satin. On the other hand, suits are more basic and casual. They’re commonly made from a single fabric that makes them look semi-formal.

If your wedding is more of a formal gathering, go for a black tuxedo with a contrasting tie, it’s one of the safest and most reliable bets when it comes to formal wedding wear.

Now that we’ve understood that there are two basic types of attires – suits and tuxedos, let’s dive deep into what type of suit style you should choose for your special day.

Image: Travis & Benny from Jarred & Dan’s South Australian Hot Air Balloon Wedding

Types of Suit Styles – What Should You Choose?

When choosing the appropriate suit style, you should always consider your personal style, comfort, dress code, and the type of wedding you’re having. If you’re having a sophisticated evening wedding with an elegant and alluring location, then your suit has to be more formal and stylish. Whereas, if you’re planning a beach wedding during the daytime, then you can go for a more casual attire that looks super breezy and location-friendly.

Here are some of the most popular and eye-catching suit styles that you can choose from. These options will provide you with enough clarity so that you don’t look out of place at your own wedding.

Formal Wedding Suit

As we’ve already mentioned, the theme and dress code of the wedding plays an extremely important role in choosing the right outfit for it. If your wedding procession is highly formal, you can go for a structured suit along with a frock coat and a contrasting waistcoat (to break the monotony). Another great option can be a well-stitched tuxedo, perfect for black tie themes and events. A tuxedo provides a very royal feel, as it has elegant satin details on both jacket and trousers.

Images: Tales Of Romance Atelier from Shall We Promenade? Romantic Wedding Inspiration Inspired by Bridgerton

Images: Pierre Toussant from Planning Your “Tailor Made” Wedding Look

Images: Gemma Clarke from Pascal & Richard’s Black Tie Sydney Garden Wedding

Semi-formal Wedding Suit

As the name suggests, a semi-formal wedding suit is a more relaxed and chilled-out formal outfit. If your wedding is more of a semi-formal event or has a cocktail dress code, a dark-coloured suit along with a white dress shirt and a tie is the best option for you. Go for a navy-blue groom suit. Pair it with a nice white shirt and voila! You’ll look flawless standing next to your partner.

Casual Wedding Suit

Casual attires are usually misinterpreted as everyday wear, but still, a casual wedding suit is a suit. Casual wedding suits come in a wide range of colours and patterns, and that means you have the freedom to choose from a vast range of choices. You can choose a pair of beige trousers along with a checkered jacket and you’ll be good to go for a perfect outdoor wedding.

Images: Little Car Photography from Jess & Mon’s Laidback Fun Adelaide Wedding

Beach Wedding Suit

Beach weddings are the most romantic and popular ones out there. The best suit for such an occasion will be a light or pastel-colored linen suit along with minimum accessories. The most popular colours for the perfect beach wedding are wheat or beige, but if you’re open to experimentation, go for pastel shades of pink and blue.

Image: Bird and Boy Photography from Michelle & Tom’s Intimate Byron Bay Beach Wedding

Image: Yellowbull Weddings from Georgia & Matthew’s Relaxed Beachside Wedding In Byron Bay

What Colour Should You Choose?

You can never go wrong with a classic black suit, but in today’s modern era, many people like to experiment and try something out of the box. Choosing the right colour, pattern and design can be a quite challenging and overwhelming experience for a lot of people out there. Therefore, we would like to share some guidelines and options that will help you to choose the right colour for your wedding day.

Make a Bold Statement: Choose a Colourful Suit!

If you’re planning a less formal but fun wedding, going unconventional is just the right option for you. You can easily experiment with the wedding suit by adding a little pop of colour to your outfit. Modern-day suit wearers don’t mind being a little experimental with the colours and patterns. They choose bold and unique colours like burgundy, dark green, olive green, and navy blue – these colours basically hold a special place or have a sentimental value in the couple’s hearts (red/burgundy – the colour of love and passion, green – prosperity). Colours like gray, golden, and silver might sound really over the top in terms of wedding suits, but they’re actually quite popular among people who are looking forward to creating a style statement on their wedding day. If you’re all up for experiments, you can go the extra mile and pick up some unconventional prints for your shirt and jacket. The choice is all yours.

Image: Stone & Wool Photography from Kate & Bob’s Romantic Boho NYE Wedding

Image: Mr. Wigley from Helder & Mark’s Bright & Fun Tropical Carnival Inspired Wedding

Images: Kylie Knight Photography from Jeff & Sig’s Elegant Melbourne Pub Wedding

Image: Pierre Curry from Lea & Paul’s Lush Green Melbourne Wedding

Image: Walker Weddings from Lucy & Tom’s Glam Rock Inspired South Coast Wedding 

Be Old School – Go For Dark Colours

If you’re not comfortable with quirky patterns or colours, stick with the same old classic look. Go for a black suit or a navy-blue suit. But is it going to look a little boring and mainstream, we hear you ask. If this thought crosses your mind, don’t worry. You can always team up a bunch of accessories like classic jackets, ties, trousers, and cufflinks to amplify your look.

Image: The Beautiful Collective from Jen & Obi’s Casual Backyard Long Lunch Wedding

What Fabric You Should Choose?

A wedding suit needs to look stylish and has to be super comfortable. You can’t compromise with your comfort on your special day, especially when all eyes are going to be on you. That is why you should always choose the fabric according to the weather in which the event is supposed to happen.

Fall and winter suits should be crafted from thick fabrics that will keep you warm and toasty, whereas for summer weddings you must choose a fabric that’s thin and more breathable.

Here are some fabric ideas you can refer to while looking for a perfect wedding suit:

    • Spring and summer – Wool and mohair blend, cotton, and linen
    Fall and winter – Velvet (burgundy, dark-blue, and charcoal colours) and wool

Images: Bulb Creative Co from Sara & Michael’s Modern City Elopement At Recoleta

The Accessories

Once you’ve finalized your wedding suit, the next and most crucial step is choosing the right accessories to complete your outfit. Here are some options you should pay special attention to!


The footwear should be super simple yet stylish. Traditional leather oxford shoes are the most appropriate style of footwear when it comes to formal weddings. They provide a lot of character and sophistication to your entire outfit and look great with black suits and tuxedos. Formal shoes aren’t supposed to look tacky and over the top, so rather than choosing a colourful pattern or some kind of ornamentation, opt for something that’s super sleek and elegant.

Images: Lethato

If you’re opting for a semi-formal or casual wedding suit, you’re in the safe zone. You don’t need to follow any strict rules; you’re free to experiment with different types of shoes, even the colours. So, do not forget to check out colours like red, beige, and brown. They look super trendy and quirky.

Whether you’re having a formal or casual wedding, you have to pay a lot of attention to your footwear – the type of shoe, colour, and whatnot. But beach weddings will allow you to unfold your real fun side. You can choose a pair of trendy loafers and you’ll be good to go. They’re not only comfortable but look super amazing with linen wedding suits.

Image: Van Middleton Photography from Chloe & Matthew’s Colourful Beach Boho Wedding


Formal wedding attire should definitely include good-quality cufflinks. They’re commonly used for the cuffs of the shirt, but as it’s your special day, don’t forget to replace the buttons on your chest with a good set of cufflinks as it adds more elegance and class to the whole outfit.

Image: Nic Stephens Photography from Behind The Door With Peggy and Finn

Tie or a Bow Tie?

You cannot miss a bow tie when you’re wearing a formal suit. That’s it. That’s the rule. The fabric and color of your bow tie should be synchronized with the jacket lapel. Opt for a bow tie that’s made of fabrics such as silk or velvet. It gives a classier finish to the look. On the other hand, if you’re choosing a semi-formal suit, you should wear a tie that compliments the colour of your shirt. Always opt for an elegant and subtle design in order to achieve that refined look.

Image: Mallory Sparkles from Coastal Pastel Wedding Inspiration 

Image: Nic Stephens Photography from Behind The Door With Peggy and Finn

Don’t Go Overboard With the Accessories

There are a bunch of accessories that will highly compliment your outfit, but that doesn’t mean you should be hoarding yourself with all of them. Always go for the add-ons that compliment your look and make you feel comfortable rather than looking stuffed. Try to keep your look neat and stylish at the same time.

We hope you were able to find answers to all your queries and doubts regarding wedding suits. Now that you have all the tips and guidelines available right in front of you, we hope making the right choice won’t be a tiring process for you, but rather a fun and exciting one! Just enjoy your wedding and have the best time of your life.

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