As we celebrate an entire month of everything nature,  today, we’re off to the beach. But not as you know it – because of today’s editorial? It’s utterly romantic in the very best kind of way.

We’re a bit in love with the details of this one – especially that incredible, ruffly beauty of a cake by Janelle of Cakes by Dark Cherry. And it is Janelle, that is sharing all the inspiration behind the beachside vibes for us today. “I think the right name for it would be “Fine Art” wedding but I would probably describe it as intentional, romantic, ethereal & gentle-femininity. Most people usually just end up calling it “dreamy”, so I’m happy to go with that.”  Colour tones of soft pastel neutrals – beige pinks, pretty peach, and pale yellows a contrast to the seafoam green, the taupe sandstone, the wide blue of the sky and the deep haze of the sea.

Janelle teaming up with photographer Kirsten Siviour Photography, stylist Rose & Beau and floral designer Pure Pollen Co. to create something that actually went a lot deeper than aesthetics. “When we think of weddings & marriages, we think of love” explains Janelle. “Love for our partners. Love for our family & love for our friends, love for those who are there to share that special day with us. We think of all the love we have for each other.

But we rarely think of love for ourselves. This shoot was about finding the courage and strength to firstly accept ourselves, our flaws and our vulnerabilities, because as the saying goes “You cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself”. When visiting the coast, if you look hard enough, you can see the harshness of reality that shapes the coast. You can clearly see the flaws but you accept it and see instead the beauty in its organic raw edges, the uneven lines, and with it, you feel a sense of freedom as you look out into the vast openness. The sea and the wind has a gentleness to them. But in it, you can also find strength. And as the sea washes around you and the gentle wind blows, you feel a sense of hope, renewal & strength — the same way people always go to the beach to feel better! For this shoot, I wanted to evoke a sense of hope, renewal and strength through our bride as she learned to love and accept herself and embrace her vulnerabilities.”

The florals, the cake, the details that embraced the transparencies, lines and tones of the setting, set atop a table ( from Grandscene Weddings & Events) set with pieces from Side Serve Perth. The unmistakable, calligraphy by Small Brown Writes the finishing touch on the beautiful stationery suite. Our bride, model  Kylie Board dressed in an ethereal, dreamy romantic gown from Sally Geach Bridal, her look completed with peach-toned makeup and a beach windswept style by hair and makeup artist Truly Gorgeous Brides.

If finding and loving oneself, looks this beautiful? We better start working on it!