The perfect place to start, in our humble opinion, when dreaming up your nature-themed nuptials is with your wedding cake. Adorned with petals, blooms or greenery, make your cake the centrepiece of your natural world wedding, and you surely cannot go wrong! The gorgeous Gina from Miss Ladybird Cakes is here with some nature-inspired wedding cakes! What more can we say?! Delicious. Decadent. Dreamy. And downright drool-worthy! 

Growing up in the country of New Zealand has always been a large inspiration to the way I cook and the way I decorate. I love nature and find it so very beautiful. Our fruit and floral-driven designs are my favorite and I think they often highlight the magic of nature. Little curly wisps of foliage, or bright red plump berries!

Going to the local flower and fruit and veg market is great for finding lovely ingredients and inspiration. What’s in season? What’s on its way out and can be bottled/dried/pureed? Which bunches of flowers can I hang and dry in the shop for decorations? We are so lucky here in Australia to be surrounded by stunning produce that’s locally grown and I think it’s very important that we guide our customers on utilising this as opposed to imported products.

Here are some of my favourite little “moments” where nature is just beautiful and absolutely perfect for cake inspiration!

Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are a stunning way of taking little bits of sunshine and colour and putting them on a cake. They are fun and whimsical, the perfect adornment to your nature themed wedding cake with a pop of colour.

Tantalising Tendrils

The sweet pea tendrils curling off this cake make me giddy and tucked amongst the most beautiful smelling lilacs… Absolute heaven. Creating depth and interest, any type of greenery escaping languidly from the top of a delicious cake is a whimsical sight to be sure.

Keep it Fresh!

Fresh figs and pomegranate seeds, tucked in amongst cotton and flannel flowers. My favourite thing about this type of decorating is it’s like a treasure trove of beautiful little elements and your eye keeps catching more little things as you look.

Image: Tony Evans 

I’m also a sucker for some beautifully peeled and poached pears. Such a simple yet stunning way of taking this fruit and preserving it for time to come.  The colour is decadent and the fruit is delicious – a winning combination!

Simply Lovely

Simple is not always best but often it can be! Soft textures of buttercream with dehydrated lemon slices is all you need to bring nature to the table.

Image: Ashleigh Hasse

About Miss Ladybird Cakes: My name is Gina! From as early as I can remember, I have spent my time creating things. As a child, my mum kindly showed me the many ways of creating beautiful things out of nothing. Our room was always full of trinkets and objects made from anything we could find. Living in the country was a great treasure trove of creativity. As I got older all I wanted to do was help my mother cook dinner. This sudden love for cooking took me to the library where I found loads of big old cooking books. During my week I would take out the cookbooks and study them over and over again until I had rounded up three good recipes. A big trip to the supermarket later (out of my mother’s pocket of course) I’d spend all weekend creating the new treats. Usually a chocolate cake, a slice of some sort, and some cookies – maybe even a cheesecake, which my father enjoyed especially!