When we think of nature-themed weddings, the first colour that generally comes to mind is luxuriously deep forest green. And what better way to include this colour palette in your day than to be surrounded by lush greenery? The talented team at Glasshaus can think of nothing better and are here to shed some light on some gorgeous ways you can involve greenery in your wedding.

Working with nature and using plants and flowers is at the heart of what we do at Glasshaus. You could almost say we are a small urban forest! We make sure to use a vast range of plants that feature throughout our clients’ special day. From blooming florals to citrus trees and shrubs as well as luscious indoor plants, there are endless amounts of options when it comes to featuring greenery for your day.

Contrasting Levels of Greenery

At Glasshaus Outside we can feature luscious hanging plants from the ceiling contrasted against our large Weeping Maples, or at Glasshaus Inside where we have towering Palm varieties working in with softly draping ferns. Having different levels of indoor or outdoor plants is a wonderful way to achieve depth and interest in the styling of your day.

At Glasshaus we feel that the impactful architectural features of our venues can really add a whole new level to green styling for a wedding. In our venue, for example, we highlight structures such as large green walls, beautiful archways and roof structures lined with hanging installations. This is something that allows for creativity by blending simple structures and forms with something that is organic and truly inspiring such as green life.

Potted Plants

Placing potted plants at the beginning or end of your “aisle” is a beautiful and epic way to make a dramatic effect for your ceremony, as well as placing smaller potted plants along the aisle. Potted lemon, lime, olive or orange trees can add a fantastic pop of colour to your styling.

Potted Favours

Potted herbs or smaller flowers or plants are a really sweet favour for your loved ones on your wedding day and stays true to the nature-inspired theme involving greenery. These can be bought premade or are a sweet DIY for you and your partner to undertake before the wedding (or even call in extended family for a fun working bee!).

Greenery On Wedding Tables

Draping stems of greenery along with your tables, and little sprigs in small vases, is a minimal yet impactful way to dress your wedding tables. The green against a lighter tabletop looks divine, especially if you follow along with candles to add a warm hue. Alternatively, gorgeous towering branches in vases are just as beautiful if you are wanting more of a statement.

Food Decoration

Adding greenery or florals to your wedding cake decorations is a simple yet stunning statement. Placing sprigs around your cake, or including cut fruit is a beautiful nod to nature and is so easy to do!
Why not have your caterers garnish with greenery? Speak with them to see if this is something that can be arranged, just to really add to the lush styling effect!

Send in the Stylists!

When in doubt – call in the big guns! Having stylists create your green space is a stress-free way of knowing your dream will be achieved while you just sit back and enjoy the end result. At Glasshaus for example, the experience and dynamics of our green stylist team are priceless. With their attention to detail and knowledge of our spaces, our team can set out our space to any clients’ desire. A keen eye for detail and design aesthetic is always key to making your wedding green space look exceptional!

Styled & Catered by The Gringlish Co and photographed by Neiyo Sun. 

About Glasshaus: We all have one thing in common – we love plants. We love good design, good style, good spaces, and we are all lucky to work every day with the things we love, except for accounts! We are a multifaceted team anchored in the botanical world, that’s what we are about at Glasshaus.