Saturdays, weekends are for casual wanders by the water. For spying cute cars, for sitting by the sea as the sun starts to set. For Anny and Yury, it is exactly this, that casual, relaxed vibe, that made their engagement session so special.

The duo was joined by photographer Across the Forest at their favourite time of day – sunset. The result was so personal, so true to this couple, that we think you’re going to fall for them as much as we did!

It was while at work, that Anny and Yury first met, the groom to be telling his version of the story. “We worked at the same company for some time and also used to go to the same gym. One time Iy invited Juanny to go for a drink after the gym. That was our first date.”

Yury managed to take Anny completely by surprise when he proposed, he tells the story. “I took Juanny for a casual picnic to a place of our second (or first depends who you ask) date and asked the question. I had to make it super-smooth and put a ring on her finger quickly because I managed to break the ring box just before.”

It was so very appropriate that Anny and Yury chose sunset for their engagement session. “We both really like to be outdoors and enjoy the sunset and nature. The warmth of the light from the sunset has always amazed us.”

Turns out, there is a lot Yury adores about his future wife. “Juanny is the kindest person I know. When we are together it seems the problems just go away. I love how thoughtful she is and to top it all off, the coffee she brews for me is amazing.”

Laughter and fun forms so many memories for these two, here’s just one. “On our first date Juanny did not know it was a date. She thought it was a casual drink with a colleague. Till this day we argue which the first date was actually the first.”