Legend has it that in 1919, in what one might argue was a genius move, Count Camillo Negroni asked the barman at his local (Caffe Casoni in Florence, Italy) to strengthen his Americano cocktail by replacing the soda with gin and the lemon slice with a delicate curl of orange peel.

And so the sweet and a little bit bitter cherry red Negroni aperitif was born. Grazie, Count Camillo, grazie.

In celebration of all things red, here are six of Cocktail Friday‘s favourite Negroni posts!

1. Australian Negroni

2. Toasted Pecan Negroni by Om Nom

Image: Om Nom

3. Amaro Montenegro’s ‘Monte Negroni’

4. Boodle’s Gin Salted Negroni

5. Hayman’s Family Reserve Gin Negroni

Image: Anthony Cullen

6. Four Pillars Gin Negroni