Sending a sweet gift to those who can’t be at your wedding is easy with these pressed flower frames. You can use this floral DIY as table numbers, signage or as a way to preserve special momentos from your day. We adore the idea of pressing some wedding blooms and posting them to friends and family who couldn’t make it to your celebration!

What You Will Need:

– Clear acrylic frames, like these from Kmart (5×7)

– A flower press – or very heavy book

– Flowers to use – use flowers from your wedding day, or choose special blooms with meaning, like these forget-me-nots. Smaller blooms are better, as the magnet function on the frame will struggle with chunky flowers. If you want to include a special rose, for example, press the petals individually for more success

– If you want to put words on the surface, use an oil based pen or order vinyl text

Step 1. Prepare your flower press or find a lovely big book to use, and grab some pieces of plain printer paper. Cut off the flowers you wish to choose, and lay carefully onto the white paper, in the press. Take note of the date, and leave in the press approximately three weeks.

Step 2. Gently open the flower press, and carefully remove the pressed flowers. Discard any that have broken.

Step 3. Using a clear, acrylic frame, remove the top layer, and clean both pieces. Carefully lay the dried flowers onto the bottom piece of acrylic. You can make a wreath shape or heart shape, use a single bloom or completely fill it in. The frame is designed to hold photos so remember to only use paper thin blooms.

Step 4. Place the top layer of acrylic over the flowers, and if you want to add written details or vinyl lettering, do this now. Use this gorgeous pressed flower frame in your wedding as signage, or send to a loved one. Keep in mind quarantine states in Australia and postage restrictions if sending overseas.